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Don’t Let Your Loved One Miss Halloween!

Visalia Bail Bonds

Visalia Bail Bonds

Every Halloween you and your boyfriend or girlfriend dress up in coordinating costumes: Mickey and Minnie, mustard and ketchup, etc. This year is going to be no different and you have already begun working on your DIY costumes.

Then unexpectedly, they are arrested one night. They are sitting in jail, and you are sitting at home frantically trying to figure out what is next and how you can afford to pay their bail.

It is quite alright if you two can’t come to that solution yourself – paying for cash bail is incredibly expensive and the fact of the matter is, most people cannot pay that so easily.

That’s where Visalia Bail Bond Store steps in to help mediate the stress, by offering a bail bond, an alternative to cash bail, but serves the same purpose. You will be set up on a customized payment plan and collectively, you would only be paying 10% of the full bail amount. You will need to fill out proper paperwork but if all is cleared, your loved one can be out of jail as soon as the paperwork is processed. You will need to be affirmative and make sure your loved one gets to court for all of his or her hearings, but otherwise, it really is as simple as that.

There may or may not be additional conditions attached to the bail bond and the release, but the main condition is for you to offer love and support to your loved one during this time. Keep an eye on them and make sure he or she is thinking straight. Spend more time with them. Have some fun too, and stick to your Halloween plan!

Mario, don’t let your Princess Peach miss Halloween this year – contact Visalia Bail Bond Store immediately! Find us online to chat, or dial 661-326-0608. Get your FREE consultation by talking to one of our friendly bail agents. Ask about cheap bail bonds and discounts we offer, along with your other bail-related questions. They will be more than happy to assist you. Visalia Bail Bond Store is always available and ready to assist you 24/7, so feel free to call us anytime!

For reliable 24/7 bail bond service, call Visalia Bail Bond Store at 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now.

Why You Need To Know About This Gun Law, Even If You Don’t Own A Gun

Visalia Bail Bonds

Visalia Bail Bonds

Owning a gun is serious business and requires a serious process. In California, gun laws are some of the most restrictive across the United States. And new laws are being passed regularly in an effort to curb violence and mishandling of guns. This year, there were a few pretty “big” gun laws that were passed, including one that is good for all people, not just gun-owners and sellers, to know.

If you have a family member who owns a gun, and you think they might commit a crime with it, you can alert the police, who will confiscate that person’s guns for 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks, the individual will be questioned and the concerns will be investigated.

This gun confiscation law is new and as you can see, pretty powerful, if people know about it and use it before it’s too late.

We hope it won’t be too late to use it, but if it is too late to have the police confiscate the guns and investigate, and instead the police are cuffing your loved one and arresting, then it’s not too late for you to do the next step in trying to help: getting a bail bond from Visalia Bail Bond Store. Contact us online through our chat portal or call us at 661-326-0608. Consultation is always FREE, so call and talk to one of our knowledgeable bail agents and ask about our zero down bail bonds and discounts we offer, along with you other inquiries. They will be happy to assist you and they are available 24/7 for your convenience, so call us anytime!

To learn more about our services, feel free to call Visalia Bail Bond Store at 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now. Consultation is always FREE!

You Don’t Know Crazy Until…

Visalia Bail Bonds

Visalia Bail Bonds

If you think that your family and friends are a bunch of crazies, then you don’t really know crazy enough. Crazy is a bunch of people who act out too far for anyone’s good – illegally. They are the ones who are arrested for violating laws and committing crimes. They are the ones who popular jails and prisons. And for the most part, the craziest crazies in jail are rarely separated from the least crazy crazies in jail. They are all intermixed with each other.

This image that is forming in your head probably makes your family and groups of friends seem sane right about now. And the image of jail is making you more and more scared for the safety (and sanity) of your loved one who was just arrested and could use your help in posting a bail bond right about now.

And with that, you’re looking for the most responsive and fast acting bail bond company who can help you get your loved one out of jail and back home safely. Well, that bail bond company you are looking for is right here at Visalia Bail Bond Store. We are one of California’s best bail bond company for those reasons and more, like offering the most affordable bail bonds with amazingly flexible payment plans.

Why are we just waiting around? Let’s get started on paperwork for a bail bond for your loved one right now! Contact Visalia Bail Bond Store online through chat or call us at 661-326-0608. Speak to one of our skilled and friendly bail agents and get your FREE consultation. Do not hesitate to ask any bail questions you have. Learn about cheap bail bonds and discounts we offer as well. They will be more than glad to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us anytime of the day. We are open 24/7 for your convenience. At Visalia Bail Bond Store, helping people with bail is our main goal, let us help you!

There is no reason to wait any longer, call Visalia Bail Bond Store at 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now.

Major Bail Bond Benefits

Visalia Bail Bonds

Visalia Bail Bonds

When we think of posting bail, we generally think of the negatives: paying a lot of money to someone else because you or your loved one did something wrong and got caught for it. But there are a number of really incredible and often overlooked benefits to paying for a bail bond, aside from getting a person out of jail.

  • Confidentiality – bail bond agents work in confidentiality so the info is only for the need-to-know.
  • Maintain Employment & Income – the defendant can return to work and continue to receive income.
  • Attend Family Gatherings & Obligations – the defendant won’t miss out on important family parties and obligations like birthdays, soccer games, and ballet recitals. The same goes for friends.
  • Prepare For Trial – this can be done from inside jail, but it’s so much easier when the defendant is out of jail. Plus, the defendant and the lawyer can build a better case and defense.

Plus, if you post bail with a bail bond, instead of cash bail, you will save way more money because bail bonds cost only 10% of the full bail amount for cash bail. And this 10% is spread out over a payment plan, unlike cash bail that is paid all at once, up-front, before the defendant is released. And likely in relation then, bail bonds will get a defendant out of jail faster than cash bail since the money for bail bonds is not immediately required up-front.

Don’t hesitate – go the bail bond route! Get Visalia Bail Bond Store on your side to help you by chatting with a rep online or by calling 661-326-0608. Consultation with one of our knowledgeable bail agents is FREE, so you have nothing to lose if you call to inquire. Ask about our no down payment bail bonds and discounts we offer, along with your inquiries. Our bail agents work around the clock, so call us no matter what time you need bail help. You can count on us to be there for you.

For a FREE consultation or if you have any questions regarding bail bonds, call Visalia Bail Bond Store at 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now.

Getting Out Of A Bail Bond Jam

Visalia Bail Bonds

Visalia Bail Bonds

When your loved one is in a jam and needs you to help pay for bail, one of the questions that’s going to run through your mind is, “how am I going to afford that?”

We’re here to help settle this thought that is nerve-racking but also something you do want to do for your loved one.

    Bail vs. Bail Bonds
    You can pay for cash bail which is paying court directly, 100% of the bail amount up-front. Or, you can pay for a bail bond, which costs 10% of the bail amount, spread out into a number of payment installments.

    Payment Methods for Bail Bonds
    It’s likely you’re going to go the bail bond route because clearly, the immediate benefits are much better. There are various ways to make your payments for a bail bond: cash, check, credit card, and debit card, whichever is easiest and most convenient for you.

This should certainly help clarify how you’re going to pay for your loved one’s bail bond. And don’t worry, you’ll have a kind and extremely helpful and wise bail bond agent to assist and advise you throughout the whole process so it is most beneficial and financially doable for you.

Get in touch with Visalia Bail Bond Store as soon as possible online or at 661-326-0608. We offer FREE consultation to all, so call and speak with one of our helpful bail agents. Feel free to ask any bail questions you might have. Ask about our zero down bail bonds and discounts we offer, to see if you qualify. We are always available and ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Consultations are always FREE, so call Visalia Bail Bond Store at 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now.

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