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David Ortiz Bail Bonds Is a Respectable Bail Company

David Ortiz Bail Bonds

In this day and age of instant reviews online, a company’s reputation is more important than ever. Some companies, like David Ortiz Bail Bonds, recognize this fact. A lot of other companies however, do not. These bad companies do not care what they do or how they treat their clients so long as they get their money.

David Ortiz Bail Bonds has spent the last 30 years taking care of our clients and providing them with the best bail bonds service available in California. Our competitors, however, have been more concerned with filling their pockets, and it shows. A number of our competitors have more complaints from California’s Department of Insurance than they have years of being in business.

The Department of Insurance plays a large part in the bail bonds process and certifies that bail agents will do a good and honest job. They take complaints very seriously and investigate all claims they get against different bail agents. The more complaints a company receives from the Department of Insurance, the worse that company is doing.

To speak with an honest and trustworthy bail agent, call 1-800-793-2245 now.

David Ortiz Bail Bonds has never received a justified complaint from the California Department of Insurance. We make sure to treat our clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve. We take care of our clients and do everything we can to make the bail bonds process easier for everyone.

As soon as you call David Ortiz Bail Bonds, our bail agents begin working with you to get your loved one released from jail quickly and easily. We cover all of California, so you can count on us to be able to bail your loved one out of any jail or court in the state. You can trust our bail agents to take care of you and your loved and to provide you with the best bail service in California.

David Ortiz Bail Bonds will take care of you and your loved one, call now at 1-800-793-2245.

We Can Help You Resolve Your March Madness! | Los Angeles Bail Bond Store

To most, March Madness refers to college basketball. To some, March madness can be painfully stressful with all kinds of things to worry about. We hope that does not include having a loved one get arrested, but if it does, Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is extending their hands to help you relieve this part of your March madness.

Affording bail for your loved one will be the last of your worries if you let us help you out. We will consult with you and write up a payment plan that fits your needs. Between that and filling out the paperwork, it takes less than 30 minutes! And as soon as it has all been processed between us and the jail your loved one is at, he and she can head on home with you. We can do everything over the phone at 866-742-0764 and we have an online payment system on our website at LaBailNow.com. We truly try and turn this stressful situation into one with the fewest headaches as possible because just knowing your loved one got arrested is more than enough for any person. Plus with your other personal, unrelated responsibilities, well, you’ve certainly got enough on your plate.

We specialize and are experienced in bail bonds, so let us do what we love to do – reuniting loved ones. Call Los Angeles Bail Bond Store at 866-742-0764

Are You An Immigrant? Los Angeles Bail Bond Store Will Still Help You If You Need Us! We Won’t Discriminate.

California is no stranger to floods of immigrants trying to live the American Dream. But doing so can pose a huge challenge. More than Americans, they must be on their absolute best behavior, if you will, so they can secure citizenship, a process that can take years. They have to get used to American customs, without, hopefully, losing their own traditions. There will be confusion, miscommunication, and frustration, but hope too.

For those who are not natural born American citizens, it is important to know what you can do, legally, if the police or immigration agents come knocking at the door.

  • Remember their names and badge numbers. Ask to see their badge if they do not show it to you freely.
  • There is no need to speak to the officer, even if the officer has a warrant. However, should there be a conversation, step outside and close the door.
  • Do not let officers in if they do not have a warrant. If they do, ask them to slide it under the door or hold it up to the window so you can see it.
  • Search warrants only give officers permission to search the address written on the warrant. They can only look for items listed on the warrant.
  • Arrest warrants give officers permission to enter the home of the person written on the warrant if they believe that person is inside.
  • A deportation warrant does not give officers permission to enter without consent.

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is available to help anyone and everyone who gets arrested. We cannot help with securing citizenship, but we hope that what we can do, helping you post bail, will provide a bit of relief along the way. Our number is 866-742-0764 and we have agents available to talk at any hour of the day.

We will keep your case confidential and work quickly to get you back home comfortably. We’re here to help you!

Agents at Bail Bond Store in L.A Are Agents You Can Trust

Contact Los Angeles Bail Bond Store if an important person in your life has been put into jail. Our family-owned company has worked with all types of families and individuals to post bail and bring their loved one home. Every person has a different story as to how they landed in jail. Every person has a different financial situation. We’ve been helping people like you for over 27 years and we have seen it all. That’s why our company and professional agents can help you too. Our agents have successful experience, cultivating bonds and trust with clients because we truly care about your happiness.

Our number is 866-742-0764. Speak with your agent who will help you formulate a payment that is easiest and best for you. There are no hidden fees and we will make sure you understand everything one step at a time. The bail process is quick and within a few hours, your loved one will come home. If you don’t want to speak on the phone, we have offices all throughout California. Visit LaBailNow.com to find our locations. We’re here to help!

L.A Bail Bond Store – “Three Strikes, You’re Out!”

We are not talking about basketball. We’re talking about something much more serious – a California law that was put into effect over 10 years ago. Here are the terms:

A defendant who has two or more previous convictions is sentenced to a minimum of 25 years on his or her third felony of a serious or violent crime. This means they are a third-strike offender.

Violent crime in California has dropped over years partially due to the enactment of the Three Strikes Law, but just like any other law, whether it has to do with crime or not, there are people who are opposed to it. Many other states in the US have similar Three Strikes laws too.

Friends and family are torn apart by crime, especially when someone they love and have tried to help and mentor keeps going down the wrong path. There are people who just cannot or will not turn their life around. It’s disheartening to see them going in and out of jail and it’s disheartening to see their loved ones hopeless. We, Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, will not give up on these families, or yours, no matter what your situation is.

Give us a call at 866-742-0764 to speak with one of our agents who will work with you confidentially and quickly so you can be reunited with your family again.

Bail Bond Store in Van Nuys – Why Out-Of-State Arrests Are More Troublesome

What’s more challenging than getting arrest for a crime is getting arrested in a state you do not reside in.

  • State has jurisdiction, meaning they can prosecute any crime that occurs in that state. So, if you are a California resident visiting Texas, and you are involved in some incident or crime and are arrested, you would be charged for that in Texas, not California.
  • There are some instances where the out-of-state defendant can hire a local attorney to represent them in court. This way, the out-of-state defendant does not need to show face. However, these situations are restricted to misdemeanor offenses.

An out-of-state arrest is very costly too – more than it already would be for an in-state arrest. On top of paying for your bail, you need to pay for any other damages for the crime and travel and accommodation between your home state and the state you are being prosecuted in. Alternatively, you could possibly reside in the prosecuting state for the time being. It is important however to clear your freedom and restrictions with court. You may be required to reside in the vicinity. Either way, this is costly and time consuming, taking you away from your normal duties like work and family.

If you or someone you know is arrested within California state lines, please contact us, Van Nuys Bail Bond Store, immediately. We can help resolve some of your issue by posting bail with you. We don’t expect you to know exactly what is going on right off the bat (besides, no one expects to get arrested or know someone who is!) but work with us and we’ll make sure you understand everything 866-742-0764.

Central L.A Bail Bond Store – Exercise Your Right To Bail

Bail exists to uphold the “innocent until proven guilty” protection. This means that a recently arrested person who has yet to stand in court can go about their regular lives during their days between arrest and court. They can go to work, to school, spend time with family and friends, etc. By posting bail, they do not have to sit in jail for days or even weeks before their court hearing.

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store would be honored to help you post bail. What we do is post a bail bond on your behalf so you can leave jail. Rather than paying your full bail amount, say, $30,000 in cash in one immediate payment, you pay us 10% of that (so, $3,000) we will take care of the arrest. Plus, you don’t need to pay us in cash! We accept credit cards and collateral as alternative payment options. Whatever works best for you, will work for us. We are easy to work with because that exactly what you need right now – a little bit of ease.

We are a family owned company with 27 years of bail bond experience. We have seen it all – tears, joy, anger, the truly innocent, the truly guilty. Each client who comes to us has a different story to tell. We’re able to help everyone, no matter how crazy their situation is. We have over 100 bail agents working hard to keep clients happy and that’s why we’re the best in California.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, or to begin working with an agent to get your loved one out of jail, please contact us immediately at DavidOrtizBailBonds.com or 866-742-0764.

Bail Bond Store Lynwood,CA – I’ve Heard The Term “Citizens Arrest.” What Does That Mean?

You may have heard the term “citizens arrest” before and you probably wondered what that meant. The police arrest people. Citizens don’t have that authority. But, in certain and uncommon situations, private individuals can have that power to arrest another without a warrant. Here’s how a citizens arrest works:

If a person has very strong reasonable suspicion that another person committed a felony (even if they didn’t witness the crime themselves), they can arrest that offender. The justification to this citizens arrest is that the crime must have been committed and the person making the arrest knew about it. If the crime did not actually happen yet, the person making the arrest could be civilly and criminally liable.

Citizens arrests are generally not allowed for misdemeanors.

Citizens arrests do not necessarily carry the same constitutional requirements as an arrest by a police officer. For example, if a police officer instructs a citizen to make an arrest, he or she must still comply to the Fourth Amendment regarding unreasonable searches and seizures. If the citizen makes the arrest on their own merit, without police orders, these constitutional restrictions do not apply.

If you need help in posting a bail bond for an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony, Lynwood Bail Bond Store can help! Just call 866-742-0764 to speak with a friendly representative today!

Los Angeles,CA Bail Bond Store – The Different Categories Of Crime

Crimes are categorized into infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies.

  • Infractions are harmless crimes like traffic tickets, littering, and graffiti. Offenders must pay fines or perform community service for violations.
  • Misdemeanors are crimes like theft and some physical assaults and offenders are generally punished with a fine, community service, or up to a year in jail.
  • Felonies are serious crimes like rape and kidnapping and are punishable with time in prison and possibly even the death penalty.

The more serious the crime, the higher the cost bail will be. For example, bail for a misdemeanor can be a few thousand dollars, whereas bail for a felony could be tens of thousands of dollars.

If the offender decides he or she can and will pay the full bail in cash in one immediate payment, he or she is freed on the agreement he or she will appear in court when scheduled and bail will be returned

If the offender cannot afford to pay the full bail, the still have the option of hiring a professional bail agent. The offender (or a loved one) will have to pay the bail agent 10% of the full bail amount. Bail agents often allow clients to pay this fee over a low monthly rate plan. The bail agent will then post a bond to the court so the offender can be released on the understanding that he or she will appear in court when scheduled so the bond can be returned. It is important to know, however, that the 10% paid to the agent does not get returned as it is a payment for their services.

Opting for the bail agent route is often much more affordable for many individuals and families. Even though they do not get the 10% returned, they are able to meet the deadlines of low payment so their own finances are not significantly burdened like they could be if they must pay tens of thousands of dollars at one time.

If you need help in posting a bail bond for an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony, Los Angeles Bail Bond Store can help! Just call 866-742-0764 to speak with a friendly representative today!

Why Long Beach,CA Bail Helps With Jail Population Control

America does not have the room or funds to keep every arrested person in jail. That’s very unfortunate to think about – we have THAT many criminals? It is also not fair to those who are truly innocent of a crime to be kept in custody. Remember “innocent until proven guilty?”

To try and regulate the system, bail is offered to the majority of those who are recently arrested but still awaiting trial. We say bail is offered to the majority because there are some criminals whose crime was too dangerous and violent. Some criminals are deemed a high flight risk. Yet others can be a danger to the public.

But, most who are arrested are offered the chance to post bail and leave jail until they need to appear in court. This gives room in the jails for new arrestees (but, we hope not, really) and the officers have the manpower to keep watch.

Arrested peoples can post bail by paying the full amount in cash or by hiring a professional bail agent like one from Long Beach Bail Bond Store to help them. In both instances, the arrested person agrees to come to court when asked. If he or she paid in cash, their cash bail would be returned. But, if they hired a bail agent whom they pay about 10% of the bail amount to, they will not get their money back, as they are paying for the agent’s services.

To learn more about bail, bail bonds, and how you can pay for bail, contact Long Beach Bail Bond Store at LaBailNow.com or 866-742-0764.

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