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All The Services At Loma Bail Bond Store

Loma Bail Bonds

Loma Bail Bonds

Bail bond services, it is in our name. Loma Bail Bond Store has another helpful service that you may not know about, and that is conducting free, anonymous warrant searches. If you have reason to believe that you or a loved one may be wanted by the police, you can ask Loma Bail Bond Store to check that for you. This search in the database is at no cost to you and your identity will be protected.

If it just so happens that there is a warrant for your arrest, then we can move on to discuss the bail bond services we offer. We can discuss your options but we cannot always negotiate rates just yet because the premium you pay is based on the bail the judge will determine at your arraignment hearing.

You can rely on Loma Bail Bond Store to help you out. Once you turn yourself in and learn your bail amount, Loma Bail Bond Store will be right there for you. Contact us today either online or by phone at 661-326-0608 for a FREE consultation. Speak with one of our friendly bail agents regarding your situation and they will guide you and explain to you exactly how the process will go. While you’re at it, ask about our zero down bail bonds and discounts we offer to see if you qualify. You can contact us no matter what time, because we are available to help you 24/7. You can rely on us for bail help that you can truly trust. We promise, we won’t let you down.

Don’t waste your time with other bail bond companies, call Loma Bail Bond Store for real bail help at 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now.

When Is The Best Time To Bail Out Your Loved One?

Loma Bail Bonds

Loma Bail Bonds

If you were to receive a call in the middle of the night that told you, your friend or family member was arrested, you would probably want to help that person. The problem is, you do not know when would be a good time to help. When do bail agents begin their days?

The answer, for the good bail agents anyways, is whenever you need them. A good bail agent is always ready and willing to help out a client, no matter what time it may be. This is especially true for the bail agents at Loma Bail Bond Store. You can contact one of our bail agents at any time of the day or night because they are available 24/7.

So now you know, the best time to bail your loved one out of jail, is whenever you decide to bail your loved one out of jail.

What are you waiting for? You can talk to a professional bail agent now by calling Loma Bail Bond Store at 661-326-0608 or you can click Chat With Us now from our website. Consultation is always FREE, so do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding bailing a loved one out of jail. Ask about our zero down bail bonds and bail bond discount. Our bail agents will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

For reliable 24/7 bail bond service, call Loma Bail Bond Store at 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now.

New Laws To Prevent Distracted Driving

Loma Bail Bonds

Loma Bail Bonds

We all know that using cell phones while driving is a no-no. It has been illegal for several years now, but since the original bills were put into effect, the intelligence of smartphones has increased. They can access social media, texts, email, video chat, and have better GPS. It is no secret that we rely on our smartphones for practically everything these days, or that we are on our phones all the time. To keep up with smartphones, new laws regarding cell phone use and driving have been put into place this year, which extend on the existing laws.

The new laws are meant to prevent distracted driving and say that the only phone interaction a driver may have is one single swipe or tap. The laws also state that the phones must be properly mounted to the car.

The minimum punishment if caught disobeying laws is a fine. The maximum punishment; accident, injury, or arrest.

If you or someone you know are in need of a bail bond after having been arrested for violating any law, contact Loma Bail Bond Store online or at 661-326-0608. We provide affordable bail bonds with flexible payment plan that fits your financial situation. We also provide FREE consultation. That way, you can talk to one of our skilled bail agents and ask any bail-related questions you may have before deciding to use our service. When you call us, don’t forget to ask about our no down payment bail bonds and discounts we offer to see if you qualify. Our bail agents are always available and ready to assist you 24/7. Call us anytime!

Don’t hesitate to call, consultation at Loma Bail Bond Store is always FREE, so call us at 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now.

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