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Horseback Riding Laws: Even Horses Have Laws

Horseback Riding Laws: Even Horses Have Laws

Horseback Riding Laws: Even Horses Have Laws

Horses can be wild creatures. Somehow we’re able to tame them, and teach them to do tricks and how to be ridden. We form bonds with these creatures. Unlike cats and dogs, horses cannot be pushed around so easily. You don’t tell a horse to do anything, you ask it. After all, a thousand pound creature doesn’t need your permission. A horse and rider share a bond that only they can really understand. A horse depends on the rider to take care of it. The rider in return gets to have partner. It’s a fun relationship between a horse and rider. However what about the relationship between the horse, rider, and California state law?

If you plan on riding your horse on highways and roads you need to be prepared. Even though you are on your horse you still need to obey the rules of the road. Meaning you have to stop at stop signs, and you have to go the speed limit. Obeying speed limits is where you realize its best to avoid highways and roads. If the speed limit if 55 miles per hour, you must also be going 55 miles per hour. You also cannot ride in reckless manner that could harm you, your horse, or others.

Drinking while riding your horse can also get you into trouble. It may seem like a good alternative to drinking and driving, but drinking and riding will get you into trouble. You can still get cited with a DUI or public intoxication. This is due to the fact that you can still cause serious injuries to yourself and those around you.

Just like a car, all horses must be licensed. That is, as long as you live in the City of Los Angeles. There is municipal code in Los Angeles that requires all horses to be registered with the city. The fee to register your horse is small, and is used to maintain horse trails in the city area. Different cities in California may have different requirements.

If you think that you’ll be riding horses and enjoying the feeling of the wind through your hair, think again. Just like horse registration, cities may require you to wear a helmet when riding your horse. If a city doesn’t have a law regarding wearing a helmet, the barn that you stay at might. Barns or boarding places for horse generally have a rule in regards to helmets. They typically require all those under the age 18 to wear a helmet.

Riding a horse can be a fun adventure. Together, the horse and rider can see places that you probably wouldn’t have been able to see in a vehicle. Horses can get you closer to nature and the world around you. If you plan on tacking up soon, just be aware of the laws in your area. Most importantly, saddle up and ride this summer.


What’s That On The Roofs Of Houses?

What’s That On The Roofs Of Houses?

What’s That On The Roofs Of Houses?

California is leading the nation when it comes to greener and cleaner energy use. It’s like a life style almost in California. With large cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, it is no wonder we want to regulate what emissions we’re putting out in the world. That is why it comes as no surprise that California is becoming one of the first states to require solar panels on newly constructed houses.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) support the passing of a mandate that will require any new single home to have solar panels or solar arrays.

It won’t just be single resident housing, multi-family buildings up to three stories will have to follow the mandate as well. The CEC voted for this proposal in May this year, and the measure was unanimously approved. This is a big step toward a green future for Californians.

If you’re worried about the costs of building a new house in California, try not to stress too much. This mandate will add roughly $9,500 on to the price tag of new houses. However, the CEC believes the benefits outweigh the upfront costs. They estimate that by requiring the solar setup on new houses, homeowners will save up to $19,000 in the long run. The electricity bill will be cut down, and benefit the owners.

Going green is a common sight for Californians driving out toward Bakersfield or through the Mojave Desert where there are plenty of windmills to be seen. Some schools have even opted for solar panels instead of landscapes. Driving through various parts of California, you will sometimes think that you’re seeing water, but it’s actually just a sea of solar panels. This is what helps us California’s generate energy and not use fossil fuels.

This move is not a surprise for Californians. What will be interesting to watch is, which states will follow suite. Northern states like Washington and Oregon are seem likely to follow, but they get way less sunshine than California. It will be interesting to see what the next step for California be. We’re currently working on banning all plastic waste, but what is the next step to making this Earth last a little bit longer.


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