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Understanding The Different Types Of Bail

Cash Bond • Defendant pays the whole bail amount in cash to the court • Full amount must be paid before the defendant can leave jail • Will be refunded if defendant makes all court appearances and meets any other conditions and requirements of release • Most often used when judge considers defendant a flight […]

Not Everything You Hear About Bail And Bail Bond Store Is True

You don’t expect to have to pay for bail one day, so at Crenshaw Bail Bond Store don’t expect you to know all the details about bail and bail bonds. But now that you have come to us for help, we will make sure you know exactly what to expect and what is going to […]

Su historia criminal no está en el mejor interés de su hijo pero todavía no se dé por vencido

Como usted ya lo sabrá, un historial criminal le puede afectar a sus derechos de padre sobre su hijo. El juez siempre tendrá el mejor interés y seguridad en el corazón del niño. Un juez pondrá en cuenta la ofensa, la edad que tenía en ese tiempo, lo largo de su sentencia, como fue cometido […]

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store | Serving Los Angeles County For Over 25 Years

24/7 Bail Bond Service 20% Discount Phone approvals 0% Interest Payment Plans No Hidden Fees – Unlike other bail agencies No Collateral with Working Signer Se Habla Espanol

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store & Long Beach Bail Bond Store – Always Here For you

When someone you know is arrested the feelings can be overwhelming and can often put you in a panic. It’s this panic that crooks thrive on. They can take advantage of your desperation and lack of knowledge about the bail process and you could wind up paying more than you really needed to. Bail Lenders […]