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Why Taxis And Ride Share Programs Are The Best

No one likes being the driver whenever they go out for drinks with friends. That means they have to use their gas, add to their mileage, drink less (or not at all), and take care of their inebriated friends throughout the night. Sure there is some fun in that, but definitely not as much fun […]

It’s Not A Happy Birthday If It’s Spent In Jail

You’re out celebrating your birthday like you always do – food and drinks with the best company. And it being your birthday and all, you probably are drinking more than your friends are. That’s fine and all, but don’t you dare drive yourself home. What if you get pulled over? What if you get into […]

Don’t Stress About Your Finances And Meeting Bail Payments – Hollywood Bail Bond Store Makes It Easy And Affordable

Some people can pay their whole bail to the court; other people use a bail bond, which costs them 10% of the whole bail amount. This doesn’t mean that the rich are the ones paying for their own bail, and this doesn’t mean that the poor are using bail bonds. It all comes down to […]

Usted tiene el derecho a Revisar su record Criminal

Usted tiene el derecho a una copia de su record criminal, si l desea. Usted querrá revisarlo para ver la precisión y l completo del documento. En orden de obtener una copia, usted necesitara pagar una tarifa de $25 al departamento de Justicia. Usted tal vez recitara someter un papel de huellas y posiblemente otras […]

A Family Member Has Been Arrested And I’m Concerned, Stressed, And Confused. What Can I Expect In The Legal Process?

1. The family member is arrested and charged with a crime. The District Attorney (DA) will review the case and decide whether or not to file charges. If the DA decides not to move forward with charging the individual with a crime, the case is dismissed and he or she is free to go home. […]