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Why Taxis And Ride Share Programs Are The Best

No one likes being the driver whenever they go out for drinks with friends. That means they have to use their gas, add to their mileage, drink less (or not at all), and take care of their inebriated friends throughout the night. Sure there is some fun in that, but definitely not as much fun as otherwise. This is exactly the reason you need to start giving credit to taxis and other ride share programs.

While not exclusively designed to transport drunk people home, taxis and ride share programs certainly do contribute to this. Taking this alternative form of transportation saves you from the aforementioned, gets you home safely, and keeps you, the intoxicated, away from the wheel. Many accidents and arrests are avoided in this manner.

We get so many calls for bail bonds for people who were arrested for a DUI. While we happily and quickly help everyone who needs us, we still shake our head at irresponsibility of drinking and driving. Do us and yourself a favor – call a taxi or another ride sharing driver to come pick you up after the bar to take you home.

If though, you do end up needing a bail bond for yourself or a friend, we will still certainly help you out and get you that bail bond. Visit DavidOrtizBailBonds.com or call – 800-793-2245 to learn more.

It’s Not A Happy Birthday If It’s Spent In Jail

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You’re out celebrating your birthday like you always do – food and drinks with the best company. And it being your birthday and all, you probably are drinking more than your friends are. That’s fine and all, but don’t you dare drive yourself home. What if you get pulled over? What if you get into an accident? What if someone gets seriously injured or killed? What if you get arrested?

We realize these are very depressing thoughts but you must remember the seriousness of the consequences of drinking and driving. Drinking and driving can result in any number of crimes that could have otherwise been avoided. Your arrest is not how you want to end your birthday celebrations, right?

Arrange for a sober friend or family member to drive you home, or get a cab. Risking lives due to poor decision-making is not worth taking that risk.

Yes, we at Hollywood Bail Bond Store can help you out if you do get arrested for drunken driving, but we’d rather not have to, you know? We’d much rather have you enjoy your birthday with no drama and no stress!

If you do need bail bond assistance though – for yourself or a friend, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-793-2245 or visit DavidOrtizBailBonds.com. We’re still here to help you get out of a rocky situation. You can count on us!

Don’t Stress About Your Finances And Meeting Bail Payments – Hollywood Bail Bond Store Makes It Easy And Affordable

Some people can pay their whole bail to the court; other people use a bail bond, which costs them 10% of the whole bail amount. This doesn’t mean that the rich are the ones paying for their own bail, and this doesn’t mean that the poor are using bail bonds. It all comes down to what is more of an ideal situation for the person at the time. Rich people, celebrities included, use bail bonds too, you know.

We don’t want people to get the wrong impression that bail bonds are like charity for poor people who got arrested. Bail can be very expensive and to be honest, even a bail bond can still be pretty expensive, especially if the original bail was hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why we allow bail bonds to be paid off on a payment schedule. We’re flexible with our clients, understanding that everyone has their own financial needs.

We are happy to help anyone and everyone who is looking for an affordable bail bond and a trustworthy bail agent and company. It doesn’t matter to us whether you make a three figure salary or not. We can help you regardless.

Call us, Hollywood Bail Bond Store, at 800-793-2245 or go to DavidOrtizBailBonds.com to learn more.

Usted tiene el derecho a Revisar su record Criminal

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Usted tiene el derecho a una copia de su record criminal, si l desea. Usted querrá revisarlo para ver la precisión y l completo del documento. En orden de obtener una copia, usted necesitara pagar una tarifa de $25 al departamento de Justicia. Usted tal vez recitara someter un papel de huellas y posiblemente otras formas.

Cuando usted reciba su records, usted puede revisarlo, si nota algo que está mal, usted definitivamente querrá que sea aclarado! Necesitará llenar forma “declaración de presunta imperfección y error” No se le olvide incluir cualquier evidencia qué pueda mostrar para que le ayude a su caso que indique que esta marca en su record criminal no tiene que estar allí.

Recuerde que unos grupos como los empleadores y bancos pueden tener acceso a su record criminal si lo solicitan.

Si usted necesita detalles e información sobre la fianza que pago de Hollywood Bail Bond Store, usted siempre puede contactarnos para solicitar esa información. Porque claro nosotros mantenemos esa información. Alternativamente, si necesita ayuda para usted o alguien más, con gusto le ayudarnos a empezar una nueva fianza. Nuestra página es PacoimaHollywoodBailBonds.com y el número es 1.800.723.2245

A Family Member Has Been Arrested And I’m Concerned, Stressed, And Confused. What Can I Expect In The Legal Process?

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1. The family member is arrested and charged with a crime. The District Attorney (DA) will review the case and decide whether or not to file charges. If the DA decides not to move forward with charging the individual with a crime, the case is dismissed and he or she is free to go home.

2. If the DA does file charges, the individual will have an arraignment, at which time he or she will be notified of the charges made against them, and bail will be set.

3. The individual will be able to post bail with the court or through a bail agency. You may need (if you so wish) to help your family member meet the dollar amount for bail. If paying the court directly, the entire bail will need to be paid before he or she can be released. If paying a bail agency, the dollar amount is 10% of the full bail amount, and this can be paid on a schedule after the person is freed. Alternatively, your family member can choose to stay in jail and not pay bail at all.

4. At some point, trial will begin and end, at which time you all will learn of your loved one’s fate: freedom? A prison sentence? Community service?

Don’t psyche yourself out too much about your loved one. The best thing you can do right now is help pay his or her bail (you don’t want them sitting in jail!) and support them.

If you would like bail bond help, our company, Hollywood Bail Bond Store, is your answer. You can learn more details by visiting HollywoodBailBonds.com or by calling us at 800-793-2245

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