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Are Your Practicing The Proper Court Etiquette?

How you represent yourself (dress, act, speak) in court is very important. It does affect the ease of the trial and even the outcome. So, it’s best to practice wise court etiquette:

● Dress in business attire. Remove sunglasses and hats.
● When standing, stand up straight.
● Speak only when you are asked to. Answer only what you are asked. Speak clearly.
● When answering “yes” or “no,” say the words rather than shake your head.
● Do not chew gum.
● Acknowledge the judge as “Your Honor.”
● Remain calm and collected. Do not grow angry or raise your voice.
Arrive early. Do not leave until you are dismissed.
● Use the restroom before you enter the courtroom.
● Put cell phones and any other electronic devices on silent or turn them off completely.

Knowing this before court is very helpful, as it can help you properly prepare. But before you head to court, you’ll of course need to bail out of jail. Van Nuys Bail Bond Store has bail bonds readily available that will get you out of jail ASAP. This company offers personalized payment plans too, so as to not burden you.

Contact Van Nuys Bail Bond Store at DavidortizBailBonds.com or call 800-793-2245 to learn more.

Van Nuys Bail Bond Store Will Find A Way To Help You, Even When Others Cannot

In our 27 years of experience, our team at Van Nuys Bail Bond Store has made it a point to find a way to help every person who reaches out to us. Other bail bond companies may find reasons they cannot help a person, but we find reasons why we can, and that’s how we begin our relationships. Our ability to help every person has allowed our company to grow over the years to employ over 120 agents and today, we serve the entire state of California 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what your circumstances are, you can trust Van Nuys Bail Bond Store to get you that bail bond you need.

Learn about our services by visiting DavidOrtizBailBonds.com where you can read up on our company and what we offer. You may also choose to chat with a representative online. Alternatively, you can also call us at – 800-793-2245 to speak with someone.

We Can Search For Your Warrant And Start Your Bail Bond All At The Same Time

If you’re wondering what is happening to all those unpaid tickets you owe, well, you might just find out soon enough.

The police may have put out a warrant for your arrest, and if you want to find out, Van Nuys Bail Bond Store can help you do a search on your behalf. This is done confidentially, and at no charge to you.

If we do find a warrant for your arrest, we can begin talking about what consequences you may be looking at, and what we can do to shorten jail time by prearranging bail before you turn yourself in.

The longer you avoid those unpaid tickets, the longer you avoid turning yourself in, the more complicated of a legal process you will have to go through. Call Van Nuys Bail Bond Store now to assistance at 800-793-2245!

Don’t Be Shy – Agents At Van Nuys Bail Bond Store Are Welcoming, Friendly, And Understanding

It’s very nice and refreshing to approach a company and be greeted with a friendly, genuine person. That’s what you get at Van Nuys Bail Bond Store.

The agents and representatives at Van Nuys Bail Bond Store are regular people just like you. They’re the person you jog past in the morning, your neighbor across the street, the driver you honked at. They’re not an answering machine, an automated message, or a robot providing monotone customer service that leaves you feeling uneasy about the company.

Van Nuys Bail Bond Store’ employees truly enjoy coming in to work everyday. It may not seem like the most cheerful job (who likes seeing people sulk in jail and their loved ones stressed?) but the end product sure is nice: witnessing loved ones tearfully reunite.

You can get a free consultation by visiting DavidOrtizBailBonds.com or by calling toll-free, 800-793-2245 It’s true when you hear former clients of the company exclaim they felt very important and a priority, with the amount of care and attention the Van Nuys Bail Bond Store agent provided them with. We deal with many customers at once but given that we have over 120 licensed agents, we assure that you will be assigned an agent dedicated to you; all their focus and attention is getting you that bail bond, and getting your loved one out of jail.

So don’t be afraid to contact Van Nuys Bail Bond Store; don’t make your loved one wait in jail any longer. Our agents are welcoming, friendly, and understanding, eager to assist you.

Visit DavidOrtizBailBonds.com or call Van Nuys Bail bonds at 800-793-2245n

¿A un Miembro de la Familia lo han Arrestado estoy Estresado, Confuso, y Preocupado, que es lo que Puedo Esperar del Proceso legal?

Van Nuys Bail Bond Store

1. Un miembro de la familia fue arrestado de un crimen. El abogado del distrito revisara el caso y decidirá si habrá cargos o no. Si el abogado de distrito decide ha no seguir adelante con los cargos sobre el individual con un crimen, el caso puede ser despedido, y el o ella podrán ir libres a su casa.

2. Si el abogado de distrito archivar s cargos, el individual tendrá una lectura de cargos, en cuál será el tiempo que se le leerán los cargos contra ellos, y la fianza será puesta.

3. El individual podrá pagar la fianza con la corte o con la agencia de fianzas. Usted si decide podrá ayudar a su miembro de familia con la cantidad de fianza. Si va a pagar directamente en corte, toda la cantidad de fianza tendrá que ser pagada antes de salir libre. Si va a pagar con una agencia de fianzas, la cantidad será el 10% de la fianza entera, y el pago podrá ser programado para cuando la persona salga libre. Alternativamente, su miembro de familia puede escoger no pagar la fianza y quedarse dentro de la cárcel.

4. En un punto, el juicio empezara y terminara, en este entonces usted sabrá el destino de su ser querido: libertad? Una sentencia de prisión? Servicio a la comunidad?

No se desespere mucho por su ser querido. Lo mejor que puede hacer por ellos es ayudarle a pagar la fianza (no querrá que se queden sentados en la cárcel) y apóyelos.

Si usted quiere ayuda de fianzas, llame a nuestra compañía Van Nuys Bail Bond Store es su respuesta. Usted puede aprender más sobre fianzas al visitar VanNuysBailBonds.com

Para hacer una cita con Bail Bond Store, visítenos en VanNuysBailBonds.com o llámenos al 1(800) 793-2245.

Estudiantes de colegio: Ustedes están en la vida real

Van Nuys Bail Bond Store

Muchos colegios empezarán su año escolar en los próximos días y semanas (¡o a la mejor ya empezaron!)Y nosotros sabemos que muchos estudiantes están emocionados. Ellos se irán a vivir con sus mejores amigos, irán a semanalmente a fiestas, y totalmente tendrán el tiempo de sus vidas.

En Van Nuys Bail Bond Store le queremos recordar a todos los estudiantes y padres que atender a muchas fiestas y experimentar mucho puede ser peligroso y puede llevar a problemas de policía. Claro que todos saben que uno no puede tomar legalmente hasta los 21 años. Las drogas son ilegales. Y relaciones sexuales entre una persona de 18 años para arriba con otra que es menor de 18 es considerado violación estatuaria.

La policía puede e intervendrá y apagara las fiestas mientras tengan una razón. Estudiantes de colegio, ahora están en la vida real. La mayoría de ustedes son legamente adultos (18 años para arriba) y las consecuencias son más duras que si fueran menores de edad.

Nosotros esperamos que no paren en la cárcel por violar cualquier cosa, que sea entre, o más allá de lo especificado arriba, pero si lo hace claro que ocupara ayuda en pagar la fianza. Como un estudiante de colegio, usted ya está pagando miles de dólares por su educación y más probablemente tendrá préstamos los cuales tiene que pagar en el futuro. Lo más barato que pueda pagar por una fianza lo mejor es para usted. Por eso les animamos que contacte a Van Nuys Bail Bond Store si acaso llega a necesitar nuestros servicios. Nuestras fianzas son económicas e ideal, con bajos pagos mensuales.

Aprenda más de nuestros servicios en VanNuysBailBonds.com o llámenos al 800-793-2245

College Students: You’re In The Real World

Van Nuys Bail Bond Store

Many colleges are beginning their school year in the coming days and weeks (or they may have started already!) and we know a lot of students are excited. They get to live with their best friends, go to parties weekly, and overall have the time of their lives.

At Van Nuys Bail Bond Store we’d just like to remind all students and parents that partying too hard or experimenting too much can be dangerous and can lead to police problems. Of course you all know that one may not legally drink until they are 21. Drugs are illegal. And sexual intercourse between someone 18 and over with someone younger than 18 is considered statutory rape.

The police can and will intervene and shut down parties if they have reason to. College students, you’re in the real world now. The majority of you are now legally adults (18 years and over) and consequences are much harsher than if you were a minor.

We hope you don’t end up in jail for violating anything, within or even beyond the scope as outlined above, but if you do, you will certainly need help with posting bail. As a college student, you’re already paying thousands for your education and you most likely will have loans to pay off afterward. The cheaper you can pay for bail, the better. That’s why we encourage you to contact Van Nuys Bail Bond Store if you ever do end up needing our services. Our bail bonds are affordable and ideal, with low monthly payment plans.

Learn more about your services at VanNuysBailBonds.com or by calling 800-793-2245.

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