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Are Your Practicing The Proper Court Etiquette?

How you represent yourself (dress, act, speak) in court is very important. It does affect the ease of the trial and even the outcome. So, it’s best to practice wise court etiquette: ● Dress in business attire. Remove sunglasses and hats. ● When standing, stand up straight. ● Speak only when you are asked to. […]

Van Nuys Bail Bond Store Will Find A Way To Help You, Even When Others Cannot

In our 27 years of experience, our team at Van Nuys Bail Bond Store has made it a point to find a way to help every person who reaches out to us. Other bail bond companies may find reasons they cannot help a person, but we find reasons why we can, and that’s how we […]

We Can Search For Your Warrant And Start Your Bail Bond All At The Same Time

If you’re wondering what is happening to all those unpaid tickets you owe, well, you might just find out soon enough. The police may have put out a warrant for your arrest, and if you want to find out, Van Nuys Bail Bond Store can help you do a search on your behalf. This is […]

Don’t Be Shy – Agents At Van Nuys Bail Bond Store Are Welcoming, Friendly, And Understanding

It’s very nice and refreshing to approach a company and be greeted with a friendly, genuine person. That’s what you get at Van Nuys Bail Bond Store. The agents and representatives at Van Nuys Bail Bond Store are regular people just like you. They’re the person you jog past in the morning, your neighbor across […]

¿A un Miembro de la Familia lo han Arrestado estoy Estresado, Confuso, y Preocupado, que es lo que Puedo Esperar del Proceso legal?

1. Un miembro de la familia fue arrestado de un crimen. El abogado del distrito revisara el caso y decidirá si habrá cargos o no. Si el abogado de distrito decide ha no seguir adelante con los cargos sobre el individual con un crimen, el caso puede ser despedido, y el o ella podrán ir […]

Estudiantes de colegio: Ustedes están en la vida real

Muchos colegios empezarán su año escolar en los próximos días y semanas (¡o a la mejor ya empezaron!)Y nosotros sabemos que muchos estudiantes están emocionados. Ellos se irán a vivir con sus mejores amigos, irán a semanalmente a fiestas, y totalmente tendrán el tiempo de sus vidas. En Van Nuys Bail Bond Store le queremos […]

College Students: You’re In The Real World

Many colleges are beginning their school year in the coming days and weeks (or they may have started already!) and we know a lot of students are excited. They get to live with their best friends, go to parties weekly, and overall have the time of their lives. At Van Nuys Bail Bond Store we’d […]