Are You Eligible For Bail?

Are You Eligible For Bail

Getting arrested is terrifying. It’s supposed to be. The goal is to make the process scary enough that you never want to go through it again.

When most people are arrested, their biggest source of fear is that they simply don’t know what will happen. While they’ve heard of bail on television, they don’t understand how the bail process works or if they’re even eligible for it.

If you’ve been charged with a minor crime, you’ll likely find out whether you’re eligible for bail at the same time you’re booked. The booking officer will tell you that you’re being released on your own recognizance or how much bail you have to pay before you’re free to go home. Both situations are the most common.

In extreme cases, the only thing the booking officer will be able to tell you is that you’ll learn more at a bail hearing. If a bail hearing is required, you and your lawyer will appear before a judge. The judge will listen to what both attorneys have to say. They’ll also look at your criminal record and how strong a connection you have with the community. Based on what they learn, the judge will determine how much bail you’ll need to pay before you’re released. They will also layout the conditions of your bail.

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David Ortiz Bail Bonds in Dinuba has been serving California since 1987. Over the years we’ve learned a great deal about working with people like yourself who simply need a little help, communicating with court officials, and guiding everyone through the bail bond process.

We understand that while you understand that you need bail money and that we provide it, it’s unlikely that you fully understand how the bail system works or the role our business plays in the process. That’s okay. We offer FREE phone and online consultations. During the consultation, you’re encouraged to ask any bail-related questions that pop into your head. By the end of the consultation, you should have a full understanding of how bail bonds works and be comfortable with the role we play.

For a FREE phone or online bail bond consultation, contact David Ortiz Bail Bonds in Dinuba. You can reach us at 1-866-485-6356 or 661-326-0608 or click Talk To An Agent Now to chat.