What Happens If I’m Caught Giving Alcohol To A Minor

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It’s no secret that most people drink alcohol before they turn 21. But that doesn’t mean the police just let every person slide. There are serious consequences to those who supply the alcohol to minors, and this can definitely include parents, depending on the state law (some states allow minors to drink as long as they’re supervised by their parents). And depending on the circumstance, the charges can be either a misdemeanor or worse, a felony. Here are the penalties:

Jail time – generally a few months to a year for misdemeanors and a few years for a felony.
Fines – misdemeanors will ask for a few thousand dollars whereas felonies can be tens of thousands.
Liquor license or permit revoked or suspended – businesses (restaurants, liquor stores) or organizations may lose their right to serve alcohol temporarily or even permanently, especially if there are repeat occurrences.
Probation – this typically will be 6 months to a year and will require actions such as reporting to a probation officer, maintaining steady employment for x amount of time, etc.

On top of all this a defendant literally and figuratively has to pay for, they will also need to pay for their bail to get out of jail. Paying for bail straight (to court, full payment) is much more expensive than paying for a bail bond (10% of bail paid to Chico Bail Bonds, low monthly payment plans), but either will get you out of jail.

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