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What TV Does And Doesn’t Get Right About Bail

Naturally, we sometimes think that what happens on television is a direct reflection of the real world. But when we find out the truth of some matters, such as how bail and bail bonds really works in real life, we go, “I didn’t know that! TV didn’t show me that!” Here is the fast truth about bail and bail bonds so that you know that television does and doesn’t get right about it (or what they don’t show you).

  • Bail is paid so that an arrested individual can be released from custody on the agreement that he or she will come to court when they are asked.
  • Bail can be paid in full in cash or with a bail bond, which brings in third party help from a bail agent.
  • Not everyone is eligible for bail, as it is dependent on the crime, past crimes, the defendant’s ties to the community, and other factors.
  • Bail is not a “get-out-of-jail-free” card, as the defendant may be found guilty of the crime and ordered to serve time.
  • Bail can be revoked and the defendant will be put back into jail.
  • Besides appearing in court when asked, the defendant may given more orders he or she must oblige to such as staying away from certain people or attending counseling.
  • Bail can be reviewed and modified.
  • If the defendant does not come to court, the bail agent and/ or bounty hunter can and will go after and track down the defendant to avoid consequences.

To learn more about bail and bail bonds, feel free to visit our website or chat with a representative of the 27-year-old company at 866-742-0764. You may also begin the bail bond process if you are in need of our services!

4 New California Laws You Need To Know About

We are almost five months into 2015 and you probably don’t know a lot of the 900 new California laws passed in January, huh? Well, we’re here to highlight some of the biggest changes because it’s very important to simply be aware – so you can exercise your rights if you’re ever in the situation, and so you do not “accidentally and innocently” do not violate the law. (Not knowing about the law will not get you off the hook if you’re caught!)

  • Yes Means Yes – Consensual sex in college now must be agreed upon by both parties in a lucid and coherent state of mind. This allows colleges to receive state funding. California is the first US state to replace the No Means No law with this Yes Means Yes law.
  • Audrie’s Law – Teens face harsher punishments if they are convicted of sexually assaulting another person.
  • Sex Abuse Rights – Any child who is sexually abused on or after January 1, 2015, has until their 40th birthday to file charges. Before this, they had until their 28th birthday to file.
  • Selfie Revenge Porn Rights – It is a misdemeanor to send nude photos of someone to other people, even if the photo was taken by the nude poser. This is often an act of revenge for exes.

Violators of these crimes face consequences that can include jail time at the conclusion of a trial. But prior to trial and during, we hope you are offered the right to post bail and if you are, Long Beach Bail Bond Store can help you do that.

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Long Beach Bail Bond Store: A safe alternative.

Going to jail is not desirable and for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that it isn’t safe in prisons. Inmates are constantly committing crimes within the prison walls and those crimes can be deadly. Is it really a surprise though, the average Californian jail holds anywhere from 4 to 5 thousand inmates and each one of them had to commit a crime to get there. Jails can be concentrated centers of violence.

Bailing someone out of jail isn’t cheap and can be hard to pay but living without your significant other’s income can be harder. By bailing your significant other out of jail they can help add to the household income and help pay for necessities like food and water.

Call Long Beach Bail Bond Store now to help bail your loved one out of jail as soon as possible. Make sure they are safe and sound and helping around the house once again.

We make bail affordable so you can keep your family safe. We charge no interest on our bails, we won’t surprise you with hidden fees and we provide 20% discounts for qualifying clients. Consultations are free and customized payment plans to fit your budget.

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You Can Count On Long Beach Bail Bond Store

In any business, customer satisfaction is key. No business can survive without good customer service. This is why the people at Long Beach Bail Bond Store work tirelessly to make sure your experience with them is a pleasant one. They make sure your loved one is bailed out quickly and with little trouble for you. They want to make bail simple and stress free for you.

Long Beach Bail Bond Store has been a family owned bail agency since it was founded in 1987. That’s over twenty-five years of helping thousands of people. That adds up to a lot of experience helping those in need. This makes Long Beach Bail Bond Store one of the oldest and most trustworthy bail agencies in California.

Long Beach Bail Bond Store has over thirty-five bail bondsmen, all of whom are scattered across the California offering help to whoever may need it. All of them are available all day, every day because they understand that you can need help at any time. You can count on their bondsmen to be there when you need them most.

The people at Long Beach Bail Bond Store believe that everyone has the right to bail and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It’s these beliefs that fuel Long Beach Bail Bond Store’ fire to help people out when they need it most. You can rely on Long Beach Bail Bond Store to help you in your time of need.

Rich history. Integrity. A professional business approach. Our word is our bond.

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