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Explaining Bail Bonds

American Canyon Bail Bonds

When a person is arrested for a crime, he or she will have an arraignment hearing, at which time the judge will announce how much his or her bail is. Fortunately, the individual does not have to pay for bail on his or her own. Anyone can help pay for bail if they wish, though it is not cheap. In addition, a bail bond company, like American Canyon Bail Bond Store, can help pay for bail with a bail bond, which lowers the cost that participating individuals need to pay.

By using a bail bond, anyone paying for the bail will only need to pay 10% of the bail. This 10% is paid to the bail bond company over a payment plan. The bail bond company, backed by an insurance company, signs off on the bond and submits it to the court. The defendant is then freed on the conditions that he or she:

  1. Goes to court when he or she is ordered to.
  2. Stays out of trouble.
  3. Makes bail bond payments on time.
  4. Obliges to any other release terms and conditions.

Failure to comply with any of these can lead to the defendant being arrested again and held without bail.

To learn more about bail bonds and how they benefit you, please contact an American Canyon Bail Bond Store at 661-326-0608. We are available to provide you bail help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Speak to one of our bail agents regarding our zero down bail bonds and see if you qualify. We promise we won’t let you down.

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What Appears On Your Background Check

American Canyon Bail Bond Store

There are two types of people: those with a criminal background and those without. For those with a criminal background check, you’re probably wondering, nervously, what exactly pops up when someone requests or searches into your history. Here’s some information that might answer your questions.

  • Individuals, partners, corporations or limited liability companies may request to review your criminal background. This includes employers, banks and property owners. They first need to receive consent to obtain the records.
  • Only records where there was a conviction will appear on the criminal record. Any arrests or detention that did not result in conviction will not appear.
  • Any records that have been sealed or expunged will not appear.
  • Only records within the last 7 years will appear. Anything that occurred longer before will not appear. However, there may be certain circumstances where older crimes may be necessary.

If an employer learns you have a criminal history, it does not immediately deny you the position. The employer can and likely will ask you questions about your criminal history but if they find you to be very qualified and a good candidate, they will not disregard your application.

Criminal backgrounds do not “destroy” the rest of your life, per se. It will be something that comes up every now and then but plenty of people with criminal history find great success and happiness.

We hope you never get any conviction on your criminal record but if you are ever arrested, we encourage you to bail out of jail with American Canyon Bail Bond Store. Hopefully your trial finds you “not guilty.”

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