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Sadly to say, but there is not much you can do to lower your bail or the bail of someone you love. No matter how much you know yourself or your loved one to be a good and honest person, your word and plea is not enough to get a judge lower the bail he or she set. The judge is unlikely to lower a bail amount that has been already set.

A bail agent is also unable to get your bail amount lowered. But, what a bail agent can do for you is offer you an alternative way to pay for bail that can be payed into monthly payments. Whether you pay bail directly to court without a third party bail bond company or you pay with a bail bond from a bail agent, you will need to abide by your release terms and conditions. That means you must make all court appearances.

When you pay bail directly to court, you must pay 100% of the amount before you can be released. But 100% of this money you pay can be refunded back to you in the end.

When you use a bail bond, you only have to pay 10-15% of the entire bail amount to the bail agent. This 10-15% is paid off on a payment plan, meaning you can make monthly payments. Plus, you’ll be released from jail without paying it all off. However, the 10-15% is not refundable.

So while you cannot lower the overall bail amount, you do have options in paying for bail and how much you pay versus how much you might get back.

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