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Understanding The Conditions Of Your Bail

Understanding The Conditions Of Your Bail

Understanding The Conditions Of Your Bail

In many cases, you pay your bail, you get released from jail, you go about your life. The only real conditions placed on you are that you promise to make all of your court appearances.

There are exceptions. Every once in awhile, someone is granted bail but the judge tells them that there are certain rules they have to follow otherwise the bail is revoked.

It’s important that you fully understand every single one of these conditions before you sign a bail bond contract.

The Purpose Of Bail Conditions

Bail conditions are a list of rules you have to follow while the court handles your case. Breaking any one of these rules puts you in violation of your bail. You’ll be arrested and won’t be released a second time. The entire time you’re out on bail, you have to adhere to the bail conditions.

Typical bail conditions include:

  • Not breaking any laws while you’re out on bail.
  • Not leaving a specific area.
  • Agreeing not to associate with certain people.
  • Not engaging in certain activities.

In some situations, the bail bond company you use to help you cover the cost of your bail will also require that you routinely check in with them.

Unusual Bail Conditions

Some judges like to get creative with their bail conditions. These judges will add interesting bail conditions that can include:

  • Sticking to a curfew.
  • Not drinking alcohol.
  • Getting counseling (anger, drug, abuse, etc.)
  • Seeking out gainful employment.

What About When The Bail Conditions Are Considered Unreasonable?

Every once in a while, someone thinks that the conditions the judge attached to their bail are unreasonable. For the most part, the court’s attitude is that if you don’t like the bail conditions, you can stay in jail. In other cases, you can talk to your lawyer and explore the possibility of protesting the bail conditions. Before taking an unreasonable bail conditions case to court, you and your lawyer will have to gather proof that the conditions are unreasonable, biased or unfair.

Contact Us For Bail Help You Can Trust

Once you decide that you can live with the bail conditions the judge has handed down, your next course of action is contacting David Ortiz Bail Bonds in Tulare.

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Life After Jail

Life After Jail

Life After Jail

After months and months of patiently waiting, the day has finally come – your loved one is coming home! It’s been a long time in the making and you and your family couldn’t be more excited to see their face, give them a big hug, and for their life to finally return to normal. Well, we hope that seeing their face and giving them a big hug will hold you over for some time because “getting back to normal” is going to take some time.

The harsh reality of a loved one obtaining their freedom is that life isn’t going to return to normal as soon as they return home. They will go through several different emotional stages such as culture shock and depression, as well as adjusting to the stigma that is associated with having a criminal record. As a family member, we want you to be prepared for things they will face as they adjust to everyday life.

Culture Shock

As you can imagine, the world continues to evolve while your loved one is in jail. This includes all aspects of life such as technology, politics, and entertainment. Once they are released, they will need to learn new technology – things like the latest smartphone, social media, or navigating websites. As your loved one navigates the new technological, political, or entertainment industry landscape, it is important that you remain patient and answer any questions they may have.


After one is released from jail, depression is common. As liberating as it may be, it will be tough on your loved one to readjust to daily life outside of strict schedules and constant supervised routine. Furthermore, they will begin facing the stigmas and the harsh reality of trying to obtain employment with a criminal record. Your loved one may feel lost as they try to find a new purpose and value in society. It is important that you help guide them, listen to their frustrations, and remain positive.

Anger Management

One way to show authority in jail is to show aggression toward other. It is important to remind your loved ones that this kind of behavior is not acceptable outside of jail. As someone who cares about them, it’s important that you help them find other means of expressing their frustrations and controlling their anger.

Fight Addiction

If your loved one had an addiction prior to going to jail, or developed one while in jail, it may have impacted their personality. It is important to show support for them and offer outside resources such as a therapist, social worker, or a doctor to help them combat their addiction and stay clean.

We know you are excited to see a loved one obtain their freedom. However, we also know that as exciting as it may be to be released from jail, you and your loved ones will face difficulties as they resume their life as a free person. It’s important to remind them of your support and be a constant source of positive influence as they adjust to life outside of jail.


The Cost Of Parking On California Streets

The Cost Of Parking On California Streets

The Cost Of Parking On California Streets

You might not be aware that California is home to some of the strictest and most heavily enforced traffic parking laws in the United States. There are two reasons for this. The first is because California has a mind-boggling amount of traffic and each driver is looking for a place to park, the limited number of parking options forces state lawmakers to come up with strict parking rules. The second reason is that parking tickets is a lucrative and easy form of income that the state needs.

How Much Can A Parking Ticket Cost You?

Most people think that they don’t have to worry about parking tickets. They figure that the ticket is $5 or $10 and that the state won’t notice if the ticket doesn’t get paid. This is a costly assumption. Depending on which parking law was violated, the fine connected to the ticket can add up to $1,000, and the state has a reputation for swearing out bench warrants on drivers who fail to pay even minor parking tickets.

San Francisco has different fines for different types of parking violations, including:

  • $55.00 for parking on the side of the street that’s scheduled for street cleaning.
  • $65.00 for a going over your time at a downtown parking meter.
  • $90.00 for parking in a marked red zone.
  • $50.00 for angled parking.
  • $90.00 for parking in a space reserved for motorcycles.
  • $85.00 for parking in a tow-away zone.
  • $55.00 for parking in a temporary construction zone.
  • $105.00 for block charging bay parking.
  • $100.00 for parking in the entrance/exit of a facility.
  • $100.00 for speeding while in a parking facility.

It’s important to note that these fees can change with a single vote.

The steepest parking tickets are ones that are issued for parking illegally in a bus loading zone or in a space reserved for a disabled driver/passenger.

Protesting The Parking Ticket

Just like with all traffic violations, you are allowed to go to court and protest the traffic ticket you were issued, but you should know that proving your innocence isn’t always easy. The best ways to get the ticket over ruled is by bringing photographic evidence that the restrictions on parking there wasn’t clearly marked, or proving that you weren’t the one driving the vehicle on the day the parking ticket was issued. In some cases, the court will forgive the parking ticket if you can prove that the only reason you were parked illegally was because of a valid emergency.

Most California court systems are currently set up so that parking tickets can be paid online. Failure to pay your outstanding parking tickets can result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest.


Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Many people view Labor Day as one of the final summer barbecue holidays. It provides a relaxing three day weekend for everyone and lets people have a lot of fun. Unfortunately, this all means that the reason behind the actual holiday is often left forgotten. In fact, not many people could even tell you why Labor Day is celebrated.

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September and it is to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of the American workforce.

The holiday became a federally recognized holiday in 1894 as a result of several deadly strikes and rights protesting poor work conditions.

In the late 1800’s work conditions were pretty poor in America. People had to work 12 hour days, 7 days a week just to scrap together just enough money to survive for another week. Workers at this time faced unsafe conditions, few breaks, and poor sanitary conditions.

Eventually, workers became fed up with these conditions, and strikes became prominent across the country. Soon, these strikes became deadly which helped draw awareness to the cause.

The first unofficial Labor Day parade occurred on September 5, 1882 when 10,000 New York workers took unpaid time off to march from City Hall to Union Square.

As time progressed, the idea of a workman’s holiday became popular, and many cities and state began to enact laws recognizing the holiday for the first Monday in September. However, the holiday wouldn’t be recognized by the federal government for another 12 years.

After several bad strikes in 1894, Congress passed an act to make Labor Day a nationally recognized holiday.

As you can see, Labor Day is about more than just relaxing with a three day weekend. It is about celebrating all of the hard work you and other workers across the country do every single day of the year.


Wacky Laws That Actually Exist

Tulare Bail Bonds

Tulare Bail Bonds

Do you ever see something and wonder how it could have possibly come into existence? This is especially true with some laws. There are many strange laws out there. Many of them make you wonder what could have happened to make it necessary to create a law that prevents it from happening again.

California is a pretty big state, the 3rd biggest in the US. As such, our state is home to many strange and puzzling laws. Here is just a small sample of the weirdness that our state has to offer:

  • Roosters may not crow within Ontario city limits.
  • It is illegal to molest butterflies in Pacific Grove.
  • No person can charge admission to house parties in Los Angeles.
  • It is illegal to hunt moths under a Los Angeles street light.
  • Kites may not be flown higher than 10 feet off the ground in Walnut.
  • It is illegal to have more than 2 cats or dogs in San Jose.
  • It is against the law to bowl on a sidewalk in Chico.
  • El Monte sandboxes may not be used as ashtrays.

That is just the tip of the iceberg of bizarre laws in California. There are dozen more laws out there that would make most people scratch there head in confusion. Some laws cause confusion due to the restrictions that they impose, while others just have poor wording that gives the law an entirely different meaning than what was probably intended. Case and point, the Belvedere law that reads: No dog shall be in a public place without its master on a leash. The way this is written, it sounds like the dog owner needs to be on the leash, not the dog.

While our state may have many strange and obscure laws, we can take solace in the fact that California is not the only weird state out there. Many other state in the country have equally bizarre laws. Like Oklahoma for instance, which has outlawed whaling. That sounds great, until you realize whaling isn’t something that can actually be done in the land locked state.

Regardless of why these laws exist, most people can agree that they are pretty weird. In some instances, it may be time to reevaluate the laws. Until that time, we can all have a good laugh at these wacky laws that actually exist.

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