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You’ve Never Been Happier To See Your Tax Refund

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You didn’t expect to have to pay for your loved one’s bail, but you did expect your nice tax refund to come in the mail. Thankfully, you can use this refund towards that bail bond payment! Yes, you were hoping to put some of that into your savings and use some for leisure. But it looks like that will have to be put on hold a little longer while you finish out each bail bond payment.

Bail bonds are set up on a payment system where the person who is financially responsible will only need to pay a certain amount of money each month or other scheduled deadline to the bail agent and company like Delano Bail Bond Store. The sum of all the broken down payments will amount to only 10-15% of the bail price that the judge set. So, if the judge set bail for your loved one at $25,000, the bail bond would only cost $2,500. And say you have 5 months to pay off the bail bond. That means each month, the payment would be $500. While still not ideal to be looking at, this is still much more ideal than paying for the entire $25,000 directly to the court.

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Super Bowl, Alcohol And Responsibility

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Super Bowl Sunday and alcohol basically go hand in hand (for those who are 21 and over). That’s great and all but before you take your first sip, take a moment to think about the rest of your day and how you will tackle it for safety.

  • If you’re hosting a watch party at your own home, that’s great! You don’t have to worry about getting home after a long day of drinking. However, you must look after your guests and make sure they are getting home safely. Find out before hand what their transportation plans are. If they are driving, keep an eye on how much they’re drinking. If they are too drunk to drive, call them a cab.
  • If you are going to a friend’s house or a bar to watch the game, you need to plan how you will be getting there, but more importantly, how you’re getting home. If you are driving, again, monitor how much you drink and cut yourself off when necessary. Otherwise, call a cab or a sober friend or family member. If your buddy is the one driving, make sure they are okay to drive!

As much as drinking and driving awareness is out there, there are still way too many people who do it. Not everyone is caught but quite a few are, whether they are stopped by the police or even worse, wind up in an accident. Neither of these would be an ideal end to Super Bowl Sunday, let alone any day. Plus, DUIs are very expensive!

Please be responsible when drinking, no matter the occasion, not just Super Bowl Sunday. We hope you don’t ever need us but if you do, Delano Bail Bond Store is available 24/7 in California to bail people out of jail. If you need us and we promise to come and assist you asap!

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