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David Ortiz Bail Bonds Can Give You What You Need

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David Ortiz Bail Bonds Can Give You What You Need
There are hundreds of bail bond companies in California but only David Ortiz Bail Bonds can give you what you need, faster than you even need it.

●Anonymous warrant searches, free
● Consultations, free
● Personalized, low monthly rate payment plan
Zero down
Zero interest
● No hidden fees
24/7 availability
● State-wide service in California
● Offices in all counties
● Easy online payment portal
● All major credit cards accepted
● Friendly and really helpful agent
● Professional, quick, confidential service
● Agents who will travel to you if and when necessary
● Bi-lingual agents of various languages like Spanish and Chinese
● 120 agents and representatives of David Ortiz Bail Bonds to support you

Contact someone at David Ortiz Bail Bonds right now at DavidortizBailBonds.com or 800-793-2245. Not that we’re excited you’re in this awful situation, but we sure are eager to show you how we can help and why we’re the best ones to help. Get in touch as soon as you can!

What David Ortiz Bail Bonds Can Offer You

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If you’re looking for a bail bond company who will answer all your questions and get your loved one out quickly, David Ortiz Bail Bonds is the company you should contact right now. You might think all bail bond companies are equal in what you get out of them, but it’s not true. Some may charge you more, some are not as quick, and some may not even be able to help you at all because you live too far or they are understaffed.

David Ortiz Bail Bonds, thankfully is very accessible, affordable, and communicative. This 27-year-old family-owned company has offices all around California. But on top of that, you don’t even need to live near one of the offices. One of the 120+ agents of the company will travel to where you are in case a face-to-face meeting is necessary.

Bail bond companies will typically charge clients anywhere between 10-15% of the full bail amount. This is called the premium. David Ortiz Bail Bonds keeps it simple – we charge the minimum 10%, and this 10% can be paid off in increments. This is a huge relief to everyone, much easier on their finances.

As mentioned, David Ortiz Bail Bonds has over 120 licensed and qualified representatives and agents. Everyone in the company attends annual training and courses, even our veteran agents. David Ortiz Bail Bonds stays at the top of the game so they do not fail you.

If you would like to learn more about David Ortiz Bail Bonds, please visit DavidortizBailBonds.com or call 800-793-2245 .

Bail Out Your Friend So They Can Enjoy Halloween Too

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Halloween is a few weeks away and we know how much you and your friends love dressing up and going out. If you’ve got a friend sitting in jail, struggling to post bail, help them out! In fact, let us help you help them out. Get a bail bond from David Ortiz Bail Bonds to get them out of jail.

If you don’t know, how bail works is that the price is determined by the judge and is based on the person’s crime, his or her criminal history, his or her connections with the community, and how dangerous he or she is to the community.

The person (or someone on their behalf) can choose to pay bail directly to the court in cash. He or she will need to pay 100% of the bail before being released. This money can and will be refunded as long as he or she goes to court when asked.

Another way to pay for bail that may be less daunting to many, is securing a bail bond through a bail bond company like David Ortiz. In this manner, the person (or someone on their behalf) would only pay 10-15% of the full bail amount to the bail bond company, not the court. This 10-15% can be paid off in smaller increments over a set period of time, based on whatever payment plan is agreed upon. This means the person is allowed to leave jail before the entire 10-15% is paid off. Still, he or she must show up in court, otherwise the remainder of the bail will need to be paid. Also, this 10-15% fee is not refundable.

So, you can easily help out your friend in jail by applying for a bail bond from David Ortiz Bail Bonds . We work very quickly and can have your friend out of jail within a few hours. Whether it’s just you, you and your friend in jail, or you and a group of other caring pals who can pitch in, that would mean the world to your troubled friend. Let them have a fun Halloween night with you all.

Contact David Ortiz Bail Bonds at DavidortizBailBonds.com or call 800-793-2245 .

Planning Halloween Early? Might As Well Plan Your Safety Too, Now

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Halloween can be two totally different holidays between children and adults. For children, it’s about dressing up and going trick-or-treating. For adults, it’s about dressing up and going to a party, or parties. And with Halloween landing on a Saturday this year, there will definitely be no rest time between parties. From Thursday night to Sunday (or maybe your Halloween parties will begin even earlier in the week!), it is nonstop Halloween fun.

We know you plan your costume(s) ahead of time, so we’re taking this opportunity to remind you ahead of time that you must be aware of your alcohol intake and your modes of transportation. For sure there will be increased checkpoints throughout the weekend. There will also be more taxis and other rideshare drivers available throughout the nights. There will be more public transportation busses than normal, and they will run later into the nights than regularly scheduled as well. Use these precautions whenever you are going out for Halloween. It’ll make all of us have better time, truly.

We never like seeing people in jail and it’s worse when it happens on a holiday, not because we’re also working on holidays, but because we know it was a joyous occasion that very quickly was ruined for many people. Nonetheless, if you do need bail help this month (or ever), you can count on David Ortiz Bail Bonds.

Visit Davidortizbailbonds.comor call 800-793-2245 to speak with a representative and get a bail bond.

No Matter What, Do Not Resist Arrest

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If the police intend to arrest you, do not resist arrest, no matter what. This is a bit of advice that can be more powerful than you think. Resisting arrest is actually a misdemeanor crime in itself that can be punishable by a fine and/ or jail time. Consequences for resisting arrest would be separate than any consequences you face for the original crime you were arrested for.

Now, you may challenge and fight this resisting arrest charge that is on your record. Possible defenses you can claim include: you were wrongfully arrested, you were acting in self-defense, the police were overstepping their authority and acting in misconduct.


Your defense would be best put together if you are in a comfortable environment and can meet with any lawyers and loved ones you want to at any time. Sitting in jail with limited visitation rights will do less good to your defense strategy than being at home. Being surrounded by police and holding that anger in is harder in jail. Bail out of jail with David Ortiz Bail Bonds. At home, you and your loved ones can strategize with a lawyer. We want the best outcome for you, and to achieve that, you need to bail out of jail.

To make an appointment with David Ortiz Bail Bonds, please visit Davidortizbailbonds.com or call 800-793-2245

What The Eighth Amendment Has To Do With Bail


The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects those who have the right to post bail. The Amendment prohibits excessive bail.

Well, even then, bail for some people can still sound pretty excessive. Some people who have committed serious crimes have been given a million or multi million bail. For other people, even a bail that is tens or hundreds of thousands might seem excessive. Nonetheless, the court does rule these bail amounts acceptable.

No matter the cost of bail, a person could apply for a bail bond through David Ortiz Bail Bonds. Bail bonds are the more affordable way to paying for bail. Without using a bail bond, if the person wishes to get out of jail, he or she must pay the full bail amount to the court directly before he or she can leave jail. But by using a bail bond, he or she would only need to pay 10-15% of the full bail amount to the bail bond agent. Plus, this percentage, called the premium, could be paid in increments over a period of time after the person is out of jail.

Contact David Ortiz Bail Bonds at 800-793-2245 or DavidortizBailBonds.com to learn more.

The Steps To Bail With David Ortiz Bail Bonds

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  1. Find out the charges made against the person you love, the cost of their bail, and where they are currently located.
  2. Have the person’s name and other personal information like address and date of birth ready.
  3. A cosigner may be required. If it will not be you, make sure the person who will co-sign is prepared with any questions regarding cosigning, and ready to provide their information.
  4. Contact David Ortiz Bail Bonds at 1-866-485-6356 or 661-326-0608 or by chat at davidortizbailbonds.com.
  5. Work with your David Ortiz agent to come up with an affordable payment plan. This payment plan is for the 10-15% premium.
  6. Resolve any outstanding questions and concerns with the cosigner and a David Ortiz bail agent.
  7. If any collateral is required, discuss collateral options with your bail bond agent and anyone else who may be affected with this decision like a spouse or sibling.
  8. When your loved one has been bailed out, welcome them home and look after them. Make sure they go to court when needed.
  9. Getting a bail bond for your loved one is simple at David Ortiz Bail Bonds. Agents are the friendliest and most helpful. They make the entire process easy to understand. At first it might sound a bit daunting and complex but your bail agent really makes it very simple. Plus, they’re available to answer any and all questions through the entire process.

    To make an appointment with David Ortiz Bail Bonds, call 1-866-485-6356 or 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us online. Consultation is FREE!

Let David Ortiz Bail Bonds Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders

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Can we at David Ortiz Bail Bonds give you a handful of things to worry less about? We know you’re going through a very difficult time right now with so many things to worry about regarding your loved one’s arrest. On top of that, you’ve got your own life to live and own things to do. Let us help you out!

David Ortiz Bail Bonds is a 27-year-old family-owned and run bail bond company. We serve the entire state of California and have offices in every county. We have over 120 licensed agents and representatives who are available 24/7. The bail bonds we offer are personalized to each client’s financial needs, and all monthly payments will be kept low. There is no interest, no down payment, and absolutely no hidden fees. All paperwork can be completed over the phone in less than 30 minutes but if we do need to arrange a face-to-face meeting, we’ll send our bail bond agent to meet you. Our agent will also be the one to transfer the paperwork to the jail. We accept various forms of payment such as all major credit and debit cards, check, and cash. Plus we have an online payment system for your convenience. We’ve got one heck of a diverse team so if you are not comfortable with English and prefer to communicate in another language, that’s no problem. Everyone on the David Ortiz Bail Bonds team promises friendliness, understanding, professionalism, fast service, and confidentiality.

So, now you know all you need to know about getting your loved one out of jail – that’s a huge weight off of you. What are you waiting for?

Contact David Ortiz Bail Bonds immediately at DavidOrtizBailBonds.com or call 800-793-2245 ! We will take care of you and we will not let you down!

Jail Is No Place For Your Loved One

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Dirty. Dark. Uncomfortable. Isolation. Dangerous. These are all terms that describe jail, where your loved one is right now. Yet, they shouldn’t have to be there. You can get them out of jail and back home to you where they are safe and surrounded by familiar friendly faces. You can remain protective over them this way. Under this uncomfortable legal situation, it’s most helpful if they are living in a familiar and comfortable setting. This way they prepare better for the coming days and have better nights of rest. Jail can make some people a little crazier and unfocused – don’t let that happen to your loved one.

For bail bond help, contact David Ortiz Bail Bonds at DavidOrtizBailBonds.com or call 800-793-2245 We will work with you to create a payment plan that is acceptable for you and your finances. We will not let you or your loved one down.

Can Someone Be Denied Bail?

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Bail is offered for most criminals but in extreme cases, a judge will deny bail altogether for a criminal deemed too dangerous and crime too horrendous.

For example, a man responsible for the awful death of a young 2 year old girl in Boston was denied bail. He was the boyfriend of the girl’s mother, who was given a $1 million bail. The man is charged with her murder and the mother is charged with accessory after the fact.

A judge determines bail by looking at the crime committed, the defendant’s past criminal history, his or her ties to the community, and how dangerous he or she is. For those who are offered bail, there are various options for paying bail like cash or a bail bond. A bail bond is secured through a bail bond company (like David Ortiz Bail Bonds) and can be paid off over a period of weeks or months. Bail bonds are generally more affordable and thus the more commonly used method of paying for bail.

If you would like to learn more about bail and bail bonds, or if you need one for yourself or a loved one who is currently sitting in jail.

Contact David Ortiz Bail Bonds at 800-793-2245 or go to DavidOrtizBailBonds.com

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