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Risking Driving In The Carpool Lane – Is It Worth It?

Tulare Bail Bonds

Tulare Bail Bonds

Carpool lanes in California are reserved for drivers who have at least 1 extra passenger in their vehicle.

These lanes were created to relieve some traffic congestion. Often times, you will see the traffic in the carpool lane, or the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane going faster than the other 3-6 lanes to the right of it. To solo drivers on the outside, that sure is an attractive lane to be in.

So, what are the consequences for solo drivers who risk driving in the HOV lane even though they have no passenger? Well, they will be fined, if caught, and the minimum fine is $481.

Driving In The Carpool Lane

There are some exceptions that allow select solo drivers in the HOV lane without punishment:

  • Motorcyclists
  • Drivers whose vehicles have the Clean Air Vehicle sticker. Only certain vehicles can qualify for these stickers.

Some solo drivers get pretty extravagant and try not to get caught by placing mannequins in their passenger seat. For the record, this does not qualify the driver to be in the HOV lane.

Not only can you be pulled over while physically driving in the HOV lane when you are not supposed to be, but you can also be fined after the fact. There are hidden cameras that are taking pictures of the drivers and you probably do not know where they are. So, to be safe and legal, do not drive in the carpool lane if you do not belong there. Your wallet will thank you!

Q & A Session On Bail Bonds

Tulare Bail Bonds

Most people are not familiar with bail and bail bonds, which we see as a good thing, because it means they have never needed to use one. However, for those who do become involved in this industry and are in need of one, it is good to get the basics down. We get many of the same questions repeated from different clients.

    Question: What is bail?
    Answer: Bail is the temporary release of a defendant, a recently arrested individual. A certain amount of money must be paid in order for the defendant to be released and the defendant is also promising to show up for court appointments.

    Q: How much is the financial requirement for bail?
    A: The bail price will depend on what crime took place, whether the defendant has a criminal history, and what ties and relationships he or she has with the community. Each person’s bail will be different and can be a few thousand dollars to a couple million.

    Q: What if I cannot afford a bail that is thousands or millions?
    A: Anyone willing to assist the defendant in paying for bail can. There is also the option of getting a bail bond, which costs only 10% of the full bail amount. Bail bonds may require co-signers and collateral. Again, anyone willing to assist with paying and pledging collateral for a bail bond can. Most people use bail bonds.

    Q: Who can I get a bail bond from?
    A: Tulare Bail Bond Store, one of California’s most trusted, reliable, and successful bail bond company.

If you have additional questions regarding bail or bail bonds, or would like a FREE consultation for a bail bond, you can contact the knowledgeable and friendly bail agents at Tulare Bail Bond Store anytime online through chat, or by calling 661-326-0608. Feel free to ask them about our cheap bail bonds. We are open 24/7 for your convenience. Call us today!

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Understanding Background Checks

Tulare Bail Bonds

Whenever you apply for a job, a loan, a new home, even a gun, you’re probably going to undergo a background check. You may not give this too much thought, especially if you have a squeaky clean record, but it still might be good to know anyway, what shows up on a background check, and what doesn’t.

  • Felonies and misdemeanor arrests and convictions appear on criminal background checks.
  • Any convictions more than 7 years old will not appear.
  • Any arrests and convictions as a juvenile should not show, as those lines are sealed upon turning 18.
  • Convictions where a pardon was granted will not appear.

Having points on your criminal record should not be the deciding factor as to whether or not you get a loan or a job; plenty of people with criminal histories find great employment and homes. Don’t let your criminal background, if you have one, bring you down.

Tulare Bail Bond Store can help you begin the “recovery” process of your criminal activity – if you or a loved one has been arrested, Tulare Bail Bond Store can help post bail with using our zero down bail bonds and a low monthly rate payment plan. This gets you out of jail and back home so you can start re-focusing your life properly. Take this situation responsibly and maturely and you will get through it right.

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