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You Want To Know About California’s New Traffic Amnesty Program

California drivers, there’s a new program that can help you pay off outstanding tickets and still be in possession of your license. The program is identified as the California Vehicle Code 42008.8 and is a traffic ticket amnesty program.

By enrolling in this program, California drivers can have their license reinstated. They sign up for a payment plan to pay off all their outstanding traffic tickets. In addition, some may be eligible to have their fines slashed by as much as 80%. Even undocumented immigrants can be eligible for the program.

The program begins accepting applications on October 1, 2015. Currently, the program is scheduled to run until March 31, 2017. Make sure to do research and ask questions about the program and to see if you are eligible for the program.

Remember, anytime you receive a traffic ticket from the police, do not give them any reason to suspect anything more criminal of you. Do not turn a simple, routine traffic ticket order into an arrest. Things get much more complicated when it does… like having to pay for bail. Though, if this does happen to you or a loved one, your bail can be paid with a bail bond from Santa Monica Bail Bond Store .

You can contact Santa Monica Bail Bond Store at PennyBailBonds.com or 800-793-2245.

This Is What You Need To Know About A Citizen’s Arrest

In any situation, that involves breaking the law, it is best to allow the police to get involved and let them do their duty. However, there may be times where one person absolutely cannot wait for the police to arrive.

An individual who is not a government officer may arrest another person if they actively witness a misdemeanor crime or if they know first-hand they committed a felony. The felony needn’t have been committed before your eyes, though you need probable cause that the crime did indeed occur.

Attempting to make a citizen’s arrest can be tricky. You need to know 100% that you are right in the situation. If the person you arrested turns out to be innocent, you can face legal consequences.

Someone who is arrested by another citizen (and then later formally arrested by the police) has bail rights just like all others, unless otherwise ordered by the judge. They are encouraged to bail out, and they may contact Santa Monica Bail Bond Store to do so. Santa Monica Bail Bond Store will get them the bail bond they need.

If you are interested in learning more about Santa Monica Bail Bond Store and the bail bond process, feel free to visit DavidortizBailBonds.com or call 800-793-2245.

Friendly Faces At Santa Monica Bail Bond Store

Have you ever gotten on the phone with someone in customer service and immediately could tell they were not going to be of any help to you? You probably have, multiple times, and it sucks. But luckily, at Santa Monica Bail Bond Store, you don’t have to worry about that (and what a relief, considering you’re calling for a bail bond to get your loved one out of jail).

Our agents have the right mix of personality traits (cheerful, concerned, eager, anxious) that you’ll find just perfect when they answer your call. They’re cheerful to let you know they are happy to help. They’re concerned about your situation. They’re eager to help, and anxious to get started. You’re sure taken care of at Santa Monica Bail Bond Store.

Call up Santa Monica Bail Bond Store at 800-793-2245 and see for yourself that right from the greeting from the agent, that you’ll be in good hands. Santa Monica Bail Bond Store agents really care about each of their clients, unlike other companies. Like any good service a person searches for, they will do some research and check out a few reliable places before deciding. You might be surprised how many clients lock in Santa Monica Bail Bond Store and say something like, “no other bail bond company sounded as helpful as you.”

Visit DavidOrtizBailBonds.com or call 800-793-2245 to learn more.

Let’s Work Together To Bail Out Your Friend In Time For Labor Day Weekend

Get the whole crew together for Labor Day Weekend! Don’t make your friend sit in jail while the rest of you are out beaching, barbecuing, and boozing. You know the weekend will be ten times more fun if everyone was there. If your friend is having trouble posting bail by him or herself, why not pitch in? That’s what great friends are all about, anyway.

Luckily, at Santa Monica Bail Bond Store, we offer low monthly payment plans to pay off the bail bond. This means that your friend and whoever else may be financially responsible, do not need to pay for the bond in one payment before the jail release. There is no down so we just need to fill out paperwork and get it processed. As long as the monthly payments are met until the 10% premium is paid off, we’re good, and you’re good!

A bail bond is much easier to pay than paying the whole bail amount in cash to the court in one huge payment. Pitch in for your friend now and in the future, he or she will repay you back, or “owe you” in some other big way.

Visit davidortizBailBonds.com or call Santa Monica Bail Bond Store at 800-793-2245 for more information.

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