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What College Is And Isn’t About

Visalia Bail Bonds

Visalia Bail Bonds

Being in college most likely means you are at least 18 years old, which also means that you can have a lot of fun but also get into a lot of trouble when the fun goes wrong. For example, you will be invited to college parties where there will be alcohol. You might not be 21 years old yet, so by law, you are not supposed to take a drink. You are the only person who can make that decision for yourself.

So maybe you do, and you end up driving yourself home – or tried to. You were pulled over by the cops and arrested with a DUI. They did not call your parents to pick you up from jail – you have to post bail. YOU can call your parents for help, but again, at this age now, that is up to you to decide.

On top of that, your grades and class attendance may suffer. Administration will be aware of the situation. They can suspend, even expel you from school, but most likely they will not, unless this turned out to be a very serious situation and/or this is a constant habit of yours.

On top of that, you put yourself in danger; you put others in danger to. You got yourself worried, and you got your friends and family worried.

That is a lot for a college-aged student to deal with.

We are not saying or hoping this will happen to you; we are saying that it has and can. It may not happen exactly like this, but things along these lines can. Everyone has a different college experience. Some are less fortunate than others and get those few brushes with the law. Some are most unfortunate and do not get to see the end of college.

And these consequences does not stem from just underage drinking. It can stem from other harmful and illegal activity.

Our team here at Visalia Bail Bond Store does not want to scare you from having fun in college; we just want to caution you to make smart and sound decisions, WHILE having fun. We will be there to make sure you CONTINUE to have some fun even after being arrested (if that happens) because we will help bail you out of jail quickly.

Again, we hope you never come to this and have to call us for help, but if you do need a bail bond for yourself or a loved one, contact Visalia Bail Bond Store online or at 661-326-0608. Consultations is always FREE, so call us anytime and speak with one of our helpful bail agents. They will be more than glad to answer any questions you may have. While you are at it, ask about cheap bail bonds and discounts we offer. We are open and ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For a FREE consultation with a knowledgeable and friendly bail agent from Visalia Bail Bond Store, call 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now.

What You Need To Know About Visalia Bail Bond Store

Visalia Bail Bonds

Visalia Bail Bonds

There are many things you need to know about Visalia Bail Bond Store but they can be summed up in 3 quick, right-to-the-point facts:

  1. We are very approachable and welcoming; do not be afraid of us or embarrassed to ask a question and for our help.
  2. Our bail bonds are for anybody; it does not matter how much or how little you make. We have customizable and flexible payment plans to match our lowest bail bond rates.
  3. We will help you no matter what; it does not matter what day of the year it is or what hour of the day it is. If it is 6pm on Christmas Day and you need a bail bond, Visalia Bail Bond Store will be right there with you.

Visalia Bail Bond Store is one of California’s most trusted bail bond company. With almost 30 years in the bail bond industry, we have had more satisfied and relieved clients than others. We excel at our work because of the dedication and passion we give. All we want is to reunite loved ones, and we promise to provide the same for you.

Reach one of the Visalia Bail Bond Store professionals online or at 661-326-0608. Get a FREE consultation, get all your questions answered, and get started on your paperwork! Do not hesitate to ask about our zero down bail bonds and discounts we offer. Call us today!

For reliable 24/7 bail bond service, call Visalia Bail Bond Store at 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now.

Don’t Give A Cop A Reason To Arrest You

Lindcove Bail Bonds

Lindcove Bail Bonds

When a cop stops you for any reason whether on foot or pulled over in a car, you should never intentionally AND unintentionally do or say something that might get them more on edge; this could lead to you getting arrested when you perhaps could have been free to go on otherwise. Never give an officer more reason to suspect something of you. Some helpful tips:

  • Keep your hands in sight.
  • Retrieve documents and items only when you are asked to.
  • Do not raise your voice and yell.
  • Do not run away from the cops.
  • Do not lie.

You may be thinking, “well duh!” right now after reading these, but you might be surprised at how some people react when they are in the presence of a cop. They get nervous because they are intimidated. Just remember to stay calm and collected. And if you are good and cooperative, the cops will let you go on your way.

If you do however, end up arrested, you will be allowed to leave jail with a bail bond. In that case, please contact Lindcove Bail Bond Store (or have someone on your behalf contact us). We can be reached 24/7 online and at 661-326-0608. Consultation is always FREE, so speak with one of our caring bail agents and ask about how we can help you. Ask about our zero down bail bonds and discounts we offer as well. They will be more than glad to answer your questions. No matter where you are in California, and you need bail help, Lindcove Bail Bond Store can help. We promise, we will not let you down.

For fast and affordable bail bond service in California, call Lindcove Bail Bond Store at 661-326-0608 or Chat With Us now.

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