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Lo que usted puede hacer para traer a casa a su ser querido de la cárcel

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Lo que usted puede hacer para traer a casa a su ser querido de la cárcel

Si conoce a un amigo o a un familiar en la cárcel, el cual necesita ayuda para salir con fianza, necesita actuar rápido para poder ayudarlo. Entre más pronto se conecte con una compañía de fianzas, de parte de su amigo o familiar, lo más pronto será procesado el papeleo (lo cual puede tomar varias horas), y su ser querido saldrá bajo fianza lo más rápido de la cárcel.

Usted deberá ser la persona que llame a la compañía de fianzas. Usted tiene acceso a un teléfono y una computadora para poder investigar la información de una compañía fiable. Para ser honesto, no toda las compañías de fianzas tendrán las necesidades de sus intereses. Usted también tendrá que empezar a pensar cuando y donde pueda conseguir dinero para pagar el suplemento de la agencia (10% de la cantidad entera de fianza) Afortunadamente, varias de las compañías como Absolute Bail Bond Store (Fianzas Absoluto) le dan la opción de pagar en pagos en vez de un pago directo. Esto le aliviara mucho estrés.

Preocúpese de solidificar una compañía de fianza y la fianza ahorita, y después preocúpese de como su amigo o miembro de familia le pagaran sus gastos. Usted puede realizar el proceso de libertad de su ser querido más pronto, con tan solo quitarse esta presión para conseguir lo mejor, lo más rápido, y o más fiable para ellos.

Nosotros también en Absolute Bail Bond Store (Fianzas Absoluto) le queremos ayudar para que el proceso se pueda hacer lo más rápido y pronto posible. Nuestra compañía de fianzas es una de las más económicas en California (sirviendo todo el estado) y nuestros agentes licenciados y representantes son los más trabajadores, Lo trataremos y cuidaremos como uno de los nuestros. Visítenos en AbsoluteBailBonds.com o llámenos al800-793-2245

Bouncing Back From An Arrest

Bouncing Back From An Arrest

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“Bouncing back” (as they call it) from an arrest can either be easy or hard and that’s largely up to you. You need to

• Prove to your family that their love and close support is your priority, and that you will not let them down.
• Show friends you are not the person to go to jail again.
• Reassure your employer that your work will not be affected again.
• Apologize to any strangers who may have been directly involved in your incident, if necessary. You sure didn’t mean any harm.
• Work with your lawyer to build a strong defense.
• Let court know you are truly sorry for the mistake and deeply regret any involvement you had.
• Believe yourself when you say you are stable to move on from the incident and not allow yourself to fall into any sort of bad situation again.

There is a lot involved with the “recovery process” of getting arrested. It’s going to be time-consuming and draining but it is absolutely necessary in order to fully resolve the situation.

It’s much easier to do all the above and more when you have bailed out of jail, so please call (or have someone on your behalf call) Absolute Bail Bond Store at (800) 793-2245 so we can get you out quickly. Alternatively, you or a loved one may. We too are here to support you through your ordeal and we can certainly help in getting you out of jail faster and cheaper than all other ways.

What Is A False Arrest And False Imprisonment?

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What is a False Arrest and False Imprisonment?

A false arrest is when Person A acts beyond their authority and wrongfully takes Person B into custody. This restricts Person B’s freedoms against his or her consent. A false imprisonment is similar to kidnapping, but without the more serious intentions like harm and ransom. A false arrest is a crime and the victim is allowed to sue for damages.

An example of a false arrest made by the police: the victim verbally insulted an officer, who then arrested him or her. The verbal insult set the officer off (verbally insulting the officer was not a crime and the victim truly did not commit any other crime) and he or she got furious, put them in cuffs, and took them to the station.

An example of false imprisonment by an individual: a security guard stops a shopper from exiting, saying she has shoplifted items. But, he didn’t see it, nor did anyone else. Yet, he still forcefully holds her, not letting her leave. This is false imprisonment.

A false arrest can certainly lead to false imprisonment. If you believe you or a loved one is a victim of either or both of these (or if the court already acknowledged you were wrongfully arrested and/ or detained), you have the right to sue for damages.

If at any time you need bail bond help, you can contact Absolute Bail Bond Store at 800-793-2245 and AbsoluteBailBonds.com. We’re here to help you protect your rights, especially the right to bail. With our assistance, you can be back home and ready to start fighting any potential wrongful arrest or imprisonment.

What You Can Do To Bring A Loved One Home From Jail

What You Can Do To Bring A Loved One Home From Jail

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If you know a friend or family member in jail who needs help bailing out, you need to act quickly to help them out. The faster you connect with a bail bond company on your friend or family member’s behalf, the sooner the paperwork will be processed (it can take a few hours), and the sooner your loved one will be out of jail.

You should be the one to call a bail agency. You have access to a phone and a computer to do accurate research for a reliable company. Not all bail agencies will have your needs at their interests, to be honest. You will also need to begin thinking about how and where from you can collect funds to pay the premium for the agency (10% of the full bail amount). Luckily, most bail bond companies like Absolute Bail Bond Store will allow you to pay off the premium in increments instead of an up-front payment. This alleviates a lot of stress.

Worry about solidifying a bail bond company and a bail bond now, and worry about how your friend or family member can pay you back later. You can speed up your loved one’s release process so much by taking on this little bit of pressure to get the best, fastest, and most reliable help for them.

And we too at Absolute Bail Bond Store would like to help you speed up the process even more as much as we can. Our bail bonds are the most affordable in California (we service the entire state!) and our licensed agents and representatives are the most hard-working. We’re a family-owned company so we truly understand the importance of relationships. We’re going to treat you like one of our own. We’ll take care of you. Just visit us at AbsoluteBailBonds.com or call us at (800) 793-2245.

You’ll Never Guess What Led To This Man’s Conviction

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You’ll Never Guess What Led To This Man’s Conviction

Earlier this Summer, a young man was convicted of a crime (involving firearms), but you’ll never guess what led the officers and prosecution to this. The man had photos on his Instagram account that dated back to 2013 that showed him with the guns in question. The police were able to use this as probable cause to search the man’s house. This led to his conviction.

In fact, the police department acknowledged that they have a special unit they dub as the “social media officers.” These guys are the pros at catching evidence and criminals online.

This goes to show that what you post on social media is really “out there” for other people to see, even if your account is private. You can certainly bet the government knows how to (and can and will) find your information on social media, even if it is private or has been deleted.

Think twice next time you want to post something potentially incriminating on your social media. If you’re hesitant about it, debating if you should or not, then you probably shouldn’t post it. It could lead to your arrest one day and if and when that day comes, you’re going to go to jail for a little bit, but you will (most likely) be allowed to post bail.

That’s when you need to contact us at Absolute Bail Bond Store at (800) 793-2245 or AbsoluteBailBonds.com. Bail is affordable when you let one of our licensed agents help you, so don’t be shy or ashamed to reach out.

How to Tell Your Parents You’re in Trouble

Admitting to someone, especially parents, that you’re in trouble can be terrifying, absolutely terrifying. But not telling them you need help is worse, as they are the people who can help you the most and offer you the most support. Parents never give up on their children – your parents will not give up on you. Whether you’re in trouble for cheating on a test or you’re in trouble with the police, find a way to tell your parents. Besides, you may not realize it now, but being honest with your loved ones relieves you a huge amount of stress.

  • Tell your parents everything. Don’t leave anything out.
  • Write down what you want to say if you need to.
  • Be genuine and compassionate.
  • Realize your mistake. Admit it. Understand possible consequences. Accept them.
  • Explore ways how you can learn from this.
  • Ask for help.

These are just some of so many tips that can help one person ask their parents for help when they’re in trouble. “Trouble” can extend to involve a wide array of situations but you can and will find how to handle your trouble, with the help of your parents.

Your Parents Are The Best People to Reach Out to When You’re in Trouble

The toughest times for people to ask for help are when they’re in trouble, especially asking for help from the ones who can offer it the most – parents. The fear of disappointing and angering parents tends to make people hesitate to ask for the help, but above all that, parents truly want to and will help in any way they can. Their unconditional love and natural parental instinct will always prevail, no matter how much you’re in trouble.

Your parents are the best people to reach out to when you’re in trouble. A rollercoaster of emotions will throw you all for a loop during the duration of this time period but everything will settle back to normal quickly enough. Your parents can pick you up if you’re stuck with no ride home. Your parents can give you advice when you need it. Your parents can and will help bail you out of jail if you ever find yourself behind bars. And they’re not alone in that case – Los Angeles Bail Bond Store will help too.

Give your parents a call every now and then – not just when you’re in trouble, but also just to say hello. Maintaining a relationship with them will make your times of need for them a little easier.

From One Family to Another. Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is Here to Help

As a family owned and operated company, Los Angeles Bail Bond Store in Los Angeles fully understands the value of family. Nothing makes us sadder than seeing loved ones torn over legal issues and jail. Nothing makes us happier than uniting these two parties once again.

When a family member is arrested, there will be stress, nerves, anger, worry, and overall, just a lot of confusion on how to react and feel. That’s natural. There is so much to think and stress about: how the family member fares in jail, how to pay bail and other fees like an attorney, if needed, how to break the news to other people who need to know what happened, etc.

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store can help alleviate some of this stress by sending one of our very best bail agents to your side. A bail agent can explain the severity of the situation and what the options are for bailing them out of jail. By having Absolute by your side, paying bail becomes the least important factor on your list, now. All our agents are licensed and experienced (and we put them through training every year, even our most senior agents) and are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call now at 866-742-0764 or chat with us online so you can stop your worrying and welcome your loved one home!

Know Your Rights And Receive The Honest Legal Proceedings You Deserve

Innocent until proven guilty. That is a powerful right given unto all American citizens, a right exercised by the right to post bail until trial. As a defendant, do you know your full rights during the bail process? You have the right to:

  • Know all the charges made against you.
  • Non-excessive bail.
  • Be presumed innocent.

At Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, we uphold, protect, and encourage these rights, as these are the fundamental reasons upon which we do our business with integrity and unmatched success. As a client of ours, you have the right to:

  • Professional, confidential, and fast service.
  • Receive receipts of all collateral and other payment collected.
  • Receive necessary copies of documentation relating to the bail case.
  • Full disclosure of obligations as a co-signer.

Give Los Angeles Bail Bond Store a shot at helping you bail someone out of jail. Having never let a client down in their 27 years of service, you will not be disappointed. Call them whenever you are ready, at 866-742-0764.

Live by The Vows You Promised Your Partner

When a bond of love is honest, true, and strong, nothing will be able to break apart the two who promised to support and be each other “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.” This wedding vow might easily be said, but harder done when the lower end of the spectrum comes in – for worse, for poorer, and in sickness.

If your lover is arrested, will you stand with him or her in solidarity through the case? Will you help bail them out of jail? You may not agree with the actions he or she committed and in fact, he or she may not be at fault. Facing reality when a loved one is in jail falls among the toughest of tough times but if you have the courage and strength to be there to support them, that is truly admirable.

Don’t let your loved one sit behind jail bars until his or her court date arrives. Bring them home and show them how much you will love and support them unconditionally. If the two of you get through this bump together, you can get through anything together. If you need assistance with bail, give Los Angeles Bail Bond Store a call at 866-742-0764. We act as an additional support system for you and will walk you through the entire bail bond process.

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