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Bail Is Better Than A Night In Jail

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If you’re really concerned about the well-being and safety of your loved one, you will help bail them out of jail no matter the cost. Some people might think a night or two in jail is what a person needs as a “reality check” but it might not be so effective. Try bailing them out of jail, and then bringing them home with you where you can keep a closer eye on them.

David Ortiz Bail Bonds offers bail bonds to help people bail out of jail. Bail bonds are generally more affordable, given they cost only a fraction of the full bail amount and can be set up on a payment plan. If your loved one cannot afford a bail bond on their own, pitch in. Yes it’s a little bit of your money but it really is worth it in the end. Feeling the gratitude from your loved one and being able to have an “intervention” of some sort with them is priceless, really. You will get through to your loved one much better than a night in jail will.

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How You Can Get Your License Back And Reduce Your Outstanding Traffic Tickets

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Attention California drivers who have outstanding tickets – you may now begin applying for California’s new traffic ticket amnesty program! You will sign up for a payment plan to pay off any outstanding tickets and have your license reinstated. Here’s how to find out if you’re eligible:

● If you have unpaid tickets that were due by January 1, 2013 and did not pay after June 24, 2015, you can have the fees reduced
● If you paid after June 24, 2015, you can have your license returned back to you.

Undocumented individuals may also apply for the program.

The following tickets are allowed in the program:
Unpaid tickets
● “Failure to appear” (in court) violations

Note that the following tickets are not allowed for the program:
● Parking tickets
● Reckless driving tickets
● DUI offense tickets

If you believe you are eligible for the program, you may now begin applying for the program. If you are unsure, contact the DMV or do some credible research online.

Racking up unpaid tickets can encourage the police to issue a warrant for your arrest. If you are arrested, bail out of jail with a bail bond from David Ortiz Bail Bonds. Though hopefully, you don’t let your situation get this serious! David Ortiz Bail Bonds is a 24/7 bail bond company that serves all of California.

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