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Did You Know About This Forgotten Right?

Did You Know About This Forgotten Right?

Did You Know About This Forgotten Right?

Many people are familiar with the First and Second Amendment to the US Constitution. However, this is like only reading the first paragraph of a book and saying you understand everything in between. We do this a lot in today’s society. We look for articles with catchy headlines and graze over them hoping to gain all the knowledge that is within the article in 15 seconds or less. We see or hear things in the news and react based off of that small sample. Most people just get information from secondary news sources rather than the primary source. Within this crazy world, we get so caught up in all the drama of the problems that we don’t focus on a solution. The solution is within the 15th Amendment.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s time to pull out your duplicate Constitution that you were given in grade school. The 15th Amendment outlines our right to vote. For women, the solution lies in the 19th Amendment, where women were granted the right to vote as well. Our right to vote is often understated and misjudged. People assume that our votes don’t matter, but they do.

California had the primary election in June 5th, and the final vote this November 6th. There are many things to vote for this year. For starters, this upcoming election we’ll be able to vote for a new Governor. Not only will we get to elect a new official, we can also vote on controversial topics like: bail reform, the 3 state initiative, gas taxes, and rent regulations. The ballot is still in the process of being formed. By the end of the summer, we will know what issues are going to be on the ballot.

If you feel empowered and want to make a difference, register to vote.

You need to be registered to vote at least 15 days before the election. Try not to put off registering to vote until last minute because if there is any issue you won’t be able to vote. There are several places where you can register to vote:

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Armed services recruitment centers
  • State and county public assistance offices (SNAP/food stamps, WIC, services for the disabled)
  • Post Offices
  • Online

It’s time to step up and exercise your right to vote. We weren’t given these rights to just ignore them. It’s time we put them to use. The world seems crazy and out of control, we can at least help reign in the California government. It’s time to not forget about the 15th Amendment.


Cycling In Los Angeles: Rules Of The Road

Cycling In Los Angeles: Rules Of The Road

Cycling In Los Angeles: Rules Of The Road

Not only does using a bicycle mean decrease the carbon footprint you leave during your daily commute, most people find that riding a bike is often an easier and faster way to commute in Los Angeles. As a cyclist, there are a few rules you should be aware of before you jump on your bike and start pedaling to work.

1. Drivers have to respect your right to be on the road

You have just as much right to bike to work as motorist have to drive to work. According to the AB-1371-California Statutes, which was passed into law n September 2013, drivers are required to maintain a safe distance between their car and a bicyclist when they pass the person on a bicycle. The distance must be a minimum of 3 feet between the bike and the car. The one exception to this is if the car driver slows down and take extra precautions to make sure not to hit the biker.

2. You must follow the flow of traffic

Bicyclists are not allowed to ride against the flow of traffic. While going against the flow of traffic might be the fastest way for you to get to your destination, it also increases the risk of you getting seriously hurt in a car/bike accident.

In addition to being required to go with the flow of the traffic, cyclists are also required to stick to the right side of the road. There are exceptions to this rule such as making a left turn, riding on a narrow road or a one-way street, or if the road is under construction.

3. Car drivers are responsible for car doors

One of the most common accidents between drivers and cyclists is accidents involving car doors. LA lawmakers passed Cal. Vehicle Code 22517, which requires the driver and other occupants in the car to look and confirm that there aren’t any cyclist close by before they open the doors. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look where you’re going, if you’re far back when the car door opens and you crash into it because you weren’t paying attention, you’ll be the one the police consider responsible for the accident.

4. Don’t drink and cycle

Don’t assume that just because you’re riding a bike rather than driving a vehicle, that you don’t have to worry about how much you drink when you’re out on the town. You do. Cal. Vehicle Code 23152 states that when used for commuting, a bicycle is a vehicle, which means that if an LAPD officer pulls you over, they can arrest you and charge you with a DUI.

When you and the drivers in Los Angeles watch out for one another and obey the traffic laws, you’ll find that there’s plenty of room on the streets for everyone.

Rules On The Beaches In California

Rules On The Beaches In California

Rules On The Beaches In California

California is known for its coastline. Famous beaches line Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Big Sur are iconic to the rest of the nation. People travel from all over the world to see the golden coast. Musicians write songs about the west coast all the time. California is continuously engraved in to the books for its beaches.

The beaches are a great place to spend time with family and friends. Here in California, it’s easy to load up the car for the day and spend hours looking out over the ocean. Going to the beach is free, and you can pack your own lunches and save money. You can always explore the local beaches for a food stand or even check out a nearby restaurant. While you’re at the beach you can lay out with the proper amount of sunscreen, go surfing, boggy boarding, or just stand out in the water. While you’re at the beach you are being active.

Your body will thank you for going to the beach too. The sand exfoliates your skin by getting rid of dead skin cells. The salty water is also good for any small cuts and scrapes. If you do go out in the water with a cut, be prepared to clean out any sand particles to prevent infections.

Besides packing the perfect lunch and bringing a towel, there is one other thing you need to worry about. The beaches are great, but they’re great because there are rules that protect them. There are several rules and laws in place for your safety, and to help protect the ocean environment. The following rules and laws were found off of See California, a tourist site for the state:

  • No smoking on any beaches
  • No glass bottles or glass objects
  • No swimming in marked areas
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No nudity unless marked as a nude beach
  • No fires
  • No dogs unless otherwise marked
  • No admission (beach curfew hours vary)
  • No surfing in designated areas

Beaches are a great place to escape the hustle of the world. They are great for relaxing and listening to the waves crashing upon the shore. Beaches are a staple to the California lifestyle. Just be sure you aren’t breaking any laws. A good rule of thumb when it comes to finding out what rules a beach may have is to do some research or ask the locals.

What Is That Sweet Smelling Cloud Floating Your Way?

What Is That Sweet Smelling Cloud Floating Your Way?

What Is That Sweet Smelling Cloud Floating Your Way?

It’s a nice sunny day and you’re walking around outside. You’re strolling by some of your favorite shops on Main Street. The flowers are in bloom, and the fresh, crisp air smells amazing. As you’re window-shopping, looking for anything and everything, you notice a low hanging cloud.

This low hanging cloud is an odd shape. It lingers and then disappears. You catch a whiff of strawberry, coconut, and cheesecake. You’re confused because you’ve made it to the part of the street where there are no strawberries, coconuts, or cheesecakes around. Then another cloud appears, and it smells the same. You start following this trail of clouds. Eventually you realize where the clouds are coming from.

Your detective skills have led you to a person further down the street. It’s like they’re smoking a cigarette, but cigarettes don’t smell this good. It’s definitely not marijuana, because you do not smell skunk. You’re now curious as to what this cloud is and how it came to be.

When you ask this cloud making person, you find out about vaping. This new age thing is something that all the cool kids are doing apparently.

Vaping is similar to smoking a cigarette, except it has different levels of nicotine, and no tobacco.

Vaping is essentially smoking water vapors and flavors. However, there is more to it than that. It is usually done with an electric vaporizing contraption. You can put whatever you want in it and smoke it. If you want to smoke marijuana in one, you can with the right tools. Being able to control what you’re smoking has some benefits.

If you’re trying to quit smoking you can switch to vaping and control the amount of nicotine you get. You can purchase liquids to smoke with different levels of nicotine and eventually wean yourself off smoking.

It is important to know that even through vaping doesn’t seem dangerous, it still can be. You’re still smoking or inhaling things into your body.

Toxins, carcinogens, and other chemicals can enter your body from vaping.

It’s important to be aware of what you are putting into your body. According to Vaping 360, a website designed to inform its audience of what vaping is. Popcorn lung can occur from vaping. Popcorn lung is a condition cause by inhaling too much artificial flavoring. Artificial flavoring is what is used in most liquids for vaping.

In addition, vaping devices can also explode. There have been several new stories including a vape exploding in someone’s face as they used it. They may overheat or malfunction. This is a whole other kind of popcorn effect. There are several ways to prevent or limit the chances of this happening, but you can always just avoid vaping to avoid having it explode in your face.

Vaping is cool to some people. The cloud of fruity smells captures people’s attention all the time. The white fluffy clouds are mystifying. However, it’s important to know that vaping can be addictive, and is considered a gateway to smoking other things. If you’re really fascinated by the clouds vaping produces, maybe you should go out and look at some real clouds.

Expunging An Arrest Record Because Of Factual Evidence

Expunging An Arrest Record Because Of Factual Evidence

Expunging An Arrest Record Because Of Factual Evidence

One of the first things people who’ve been charged with a crime want to know is how to go about getting their criminal record expunged. In California, the first step of this particular process is proving factual innocence.

What Is Factual Innocence?

Factual innocence is a termed that’s used when a defendant manages to prove that they should not have been arrested or charged with a crime. Once factual evidence has been established, California Penal Code section 851.8 dictates that the defendants arrest records are sealed and then destroyed. Once this happens, legally speaking, it is as if the entire situation never took place.

Establishing Factual Innocence

Establishing factual innocence is not always easy and it’s something you’ll want to have a lawyer help you with. Basically, in order to convince the courts that your factually innocent, you and your lawyer have to show compelling evidence that someone involved in either your arrest, the investigation, or who filed the charges against you made a mistake. When you find the mistake, you make a motion to the judge. If the judge finds that your motion is justified, they’ll arrange for both your defense team and the prosecuting attorney to argue the point during a preliminary hearing.

You Shoulder The Burden Of Proof

When you make a motion to drop the charges based on factual innocence, you need to prepare yourself. Not only do you have to prove that a mistake was made, but in many cases, you also have to prove that the police did not have just cause to arrest you, and the police are generally very careful about how they word things during an arrest. In other words, you need to prove to the judge that there was no reasonable cause for the arrest.

Your side of the story will be the first one the judge listens to.

If your case is strong enough, the judge than asks the prosecution to rebuff your argument. Once both sides have told their tale, the judge retreats to their chambers and looks at both sides of the story. If they feel you’ve made your point, they will dismiss the case, and your arrest record will be destroyed.

The process of proving factual innocence isn’t always easy. While going through it, don’t do anything rash. Keep a cool head which will prevent further charges from being filed against you.

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