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We Offer Qualified clients 20% bail bond discount

Paramount Bail Bonds have a system already in place that provides some of our clients with a 20% discount. That means that instead of having to come up with 10% of the bail amount, you only need 8%. Depending on just how high your bail was set, that could add up to significant savings!

Our 20% off program is designed to provide some financial relief to clients who are AARP members, belong to the U.S. military or who are utilizing the services of a private attorney. Don’t assume that just because you aren’t a veteran, AARP member, or are using a court-appointed lawyer that you won’t qualify for a 20% bail bond discount. If you have a co-signer who meets any of those requirements, you’ll get the discount!

The 20% bail discount is just one of the reasons we’re the only bail bond service many people will work with.

TO KNOW MORE, CONTACT US AT (562) 496-2139. WE’RE OPEN 24/7!

Paramount Bail Bonds


At Paramount Bail Bonds, a licensed bail agent will always be available to answer your questions and inquiries. Our services are second to none and we treat all of our clients with dignity and respect. These philosophies have allowed us to grow into one of the more successful professional bail bond company in California.

When you chose Paramount Bail Bonds, you’ll enjoy:

  • Flexible payment plans
  • 24/7 Service
  • Free Phone & Online Consultations
  • Zero Interest Payment Plan
  • Fast & Discreet Service
  • Se Habla Español

Bail help is a phone call away at (562) 496-2139.

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Paramount Bail Bonds covers all of California. We can help people with bail anywhere in the state. We have been doing this since 1987. That gives us over 30 years of experience with bail bonds. We can provide you with the best bail service available in California. You can count on us to be there for you wherever and whenever you need us.

Our bail agents are always on duty, you can get ahold of one, day or night. Someone you care about can get arrested at any moment, so you need a bail bond company that will be there for you at any moment. When you contact Paramount Bail Bonds, a real person will always answer the phone and not a virtual receptionist.

No matter where in California you are, and no matter what time it is, you can count on the fact that Paramount Bail Bonds and our knowledgeable bail agents will be there for you. We make bailing someone out of jail quick and easy.

Address: Long Beach, CA 90808

Long Beach: (562) 496-2139  |  Visalia: (661) 326-0608

Toll Free: 866-485-6356

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