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“Stressed” is an extreme understatement when you learn your loved one has been arrested and you need to help bail them out of jail, deal with lawyers, and go through trial. You and your family are not responsible for taking care of everything. Professional bail agents and lawyers will help you out a great deal, alleviating a lot of that stress. A big part of your job would be to offer emotional support to your loved one. If you think you are stressed, imagine what they are thinking. You need to reassure them that this is not the end of their life.

Think of it this way: you might know someone else who was arrested once and dealt with everything you are dealing with right now. This person could be a co-worker, a neighbor, the parent of your child’s friend, your mailman, or even the guy who bags your groceries. Obviously they do not go around bragging about their criminal history, but how well do you really know them anyway?

They could have been arrested for something minor or something a little more serious but it is kept a secret. You just know this person as a hard-working individual with a stable job and a happy family. No one would ever guess that they were once arrested. This can be your loved one in the future. People are going to look at your thriving loved one and would never guess they were in such a dark spot before.

An arrest is not necessarily going to weigh a person down for the rest of their life. It does not have to stop them from achieving their goals in the future.

You will have to help them and keep their spirits lifted. Your support means a great deal to them during this time.

David Ortiz Bail Bonds in Visalia is also here to provide the best support we can. We will create a custom payment plan with you for a bail bond that costs 10% of the full bail amount. We are here with you each step of the way and just like you, we want you and your loved ones to come out of this situation with relief.

Contact us and get your FREE consultation. Speak with one of our friendly and helpful bail agents and feel free to ask any bail-related questions you may have. They will be more than happy to answer them for you. While you’re at it, inquire about our no down payment bail bonds and discounts we offer to see if you qualify. We are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to call us anytime.

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