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With every new year comes a new set of personal goals. For 2016, what do you think about being an improved role model for those who you spend the most time with?

Closest friends and family feed off of who you are. If you’re goofy, they’re goofy. If you’re studious, they’re studious. If you’re a troublemaker, there’s a good chance they are too. (This is not to say they or you can be a well-rounded person with multiple of said qualities).

You can be aspirational. You can be a role model for them. Especially if you’re at the young adult age (college to maybe mid to late twenties), you’re still having a lot of fun, not quite yet tied down with your own family, but knowing you need to start getting serious about life.

Avoid those chances of getting into police trouble – we’d rather not have to bail you out of jail. Improve yourself and you’ll in turn improve others. After all, it’s all a part of growing up anyway.

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