Besides the obvious – getting out of jail – there are some other benefits to using a bail bond that you might not know about. Using bail bonds benefits both the person the bail bond is for, and the public!

● You get to return to work. You’ll earn your income that allows you to live comfortably. In jail, if you’re lucky enough to get a job, you’ll be paid very little (substantially less than you would at your real job).
● Unlike people who are in jail, you won’t need to pay for basic items like soap and a few clothing items inmates are permitted to wear.
● You get sufficient time and space to meet with loved ones, lawyers, therapists, whoever you need to. Visiting hours in jail are limited and there is no privacy
● The existence of bail bond companies creates hundreds of jobs for individuals who need one.
Bail bond agents are protective of their communities, knowing they can face consequences too if the defendant they bailed out gets in more trouble or does not go to court

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