Hopefully Jail Is Not A Part Of Your Summer Plans

The year may already be half over, but summer is just beginning. We are willing to bet that you have got some travel plans in the works and most definitely a lot of party planning. That is the recipe for a great memorable summer and we hope it does turn out that way.

Getting arrested would definitely make it a memorable summer, but we hope it won’t end up being a part of your summer. Trust us, getting arrested might be a cool story, but it is quite a pain to deal with at the present moment. You sit in jail for hours. Then you pay off your bail bond and spend the next few months going in and out of the courtroom. You probably miss some work days and you definitely miss your freedom and time that could be spent with loved ones. It winds up costing quite a bit. While the bail bond only costs 10% of your full bail amount, you still have to look at attorney fees and smaller paychecks due to less time at work.

Whatever your plans are for the summer, we just ask that you stay safe, responsible, and smart. Do not do anything stupid or get caught up in an argument. You may know how to handle yourself, but you can never know what another person might do.

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