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When someone gets bailed out of jail, that person is less likely to get into more trouble again. Why you asked? Because they know that if they are re-arrested,

  1. They face more punishment.
  2. They (or someone on their behalf) will need to pay the remainder of the bail bond.
  3. Any collateral that was offered will be taken away.

In addition, relationships between the defendant and anyone who is supporting them financially and/or emotionally will be strained even more.

Defendants obviously want to avoid all of this, which is why they are more likely to follow their bail terms and conditions. They cannot afford to pay more, financially and they also cannot afford to lose the support of their loved ones. This is a very stressful time; they want as many people on their side as possible.

Bailing out of jail is easier when a bail bond is used. Bail bonds reduce the cost and extends the payment period. David Ortiz Bail Bonds offers flexible payment plans so that no one has to struggle with bail payments versus other necessary payments like bills and rent.

Of course, paying for bail can be done without a third-party bail bond company, but when David Ortiz Bail Bonds can make the process easier and more affordable with your bail agent taking you through the whole process, why not go for the bail bond route then?

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